Past Workshops

Painting a Luminescent Floral and Dynamic Loose Landscapes-JoNeal Boic

Levels: Intermediate

Instructor: Jo Neal Boic

Offered: October 28 & 29 9-3:30

Fee: $160 / $140 with member discount

This weekend we will learn how to create luminosity and more interest by layering transparent color. For this reason we will use, primarily, a transparent palette. In between waiting for layers to dry on our floral, we will break free and paint exciting colorful landscapes! This class is designed for the intermediate student who has the basic techniques of watercolor already under their belt; wet into wet, glazing/layering, and washes. Offered: October 28 & 29th, 9 – 3:30 pm, Fees: $160 / $140. Instructor: Jo Neal Boic has been a teacher for more than 40 years and she has been painting and teaching watercolor for 29 of those. She loves to teach and believes that all students are capable of learning to draw and paint in whatever medium they choose. She fancies a variety of subjects but is particularly drawn to nature.

Mastering the White Paper in Watercolor-Robert Dvorak

Levels: All

Instructor: Robert Regis Dvořák

Offered: Saturday, Sept 30, 2017 (One Day) 10-4pm

Fee: $160 / $140 with member discount

Follow in the footsteps of John Singer Sargent and Winslow Homer as you learn, through a series of carefully crafted exercises, how to make your watercolors come alive with light and color. The transparency of watercolor demands that you work from white to dark and from large shapes to small. You will learn that where we put color is just as important as where we leave the paper clean and white. Enhance your color shapes with white paper–dark against light to create luminosity, use lost and found color edges to add mystery and space. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced painter, you will benefit from this workshop. Mastering the white paper is one of the most important skills in watercolor painting. Offered: Saturday, Sept 30, 2017, 10-4pm, Fee $89.  Instructor: Robert Regis Dvořák is an artist and professional speaker who presents workshops and keynotes on drawing, watercolor and creative thinking education and business.  He is the author of four books on drawing including The Practice of Drawing as Meditation.  His latest book is Travel Drawing and Painting.

Papier-mâché Masks – Donna Thompson

Levels: All

Instructor: Donna Thompson

Offered: September 23rd & 30th  11:00 to 4:00pm

Fee: $160 / $140 with member discount

In this workshop you will learn the construction process of making a mask using the papier mache method: paper, tape , and wheat paste.  You will be able to complete the mask over the two day workshop. The mask can be made to wear or as an art object to display.  The first day will involve a brief overview of world masks with many examples to stir your imagination. Next the designing of the piece followed by the building of the mask with the papier mache process.  The next week ( it takes a day or so for drying) you will paint and decorate your mask. Create an animal, a person, a Day of the Dead skull, a Halloween surprise,or a magical beast. To bring with you: for an animal or person bring a photo image. Material fee: $10 All levels. Offered: September 23rd & 30th  TIME: 11:00 to 4:00. Fee: $160/140 SCAL members. $10 materials fee. Class is at instructor’s studio. Instructor: Donna Thompson, BFA MA  has been working in the medium for the past twenty five years. She had the amazing opportunity to take a workshop with two members of the legendary Linares family and learned several tips on creating paper sculptures from experts in this very special field.

Mixed Up: The art of mixed media layering

Levels: All

Instructor: Dee Hooker

Offered: August 12th 11am-5pm

Experience the infinite possibilities of paper, paint and found materials while creating a ready to hang, mixed-media artwork. The goal of this workshop is to experiment with different techniques, layer them properly and have a good time. Part color theory class, part exposure to fresh ideas about composition with emphasis on creativity, how to loosen up and break the rules. Combing, scribing, rubbings, stencils, stickers, stamping, whitewashes, transfers, gold leaf, rust, glazing, tinting and even smoke are finding their way into FINE ART and we will play with them all. Feel free to bring 2D materials you have questions about or would like to use.. Each One Day Workshop is limited to 8 participants.

All levels. Offered: August 12th  (class is a ONE DAY workshop.) TIME: 11:00 to 5:00ish. Fee: $145/$125 SCAL members. $10 materials fee
Class is at instructor’s studio. Includes lunch and California wines. Instructor: Dee Hooker is a professional artist, curator, director of the Cabrillo Music Festival BLUE UMBRELLA ART COLLABORATIVE and a 25+ year Open Studio participant.

Working In Wax – Jeff Arnett

Levels: All

Instructor: Jeff Arnett

Offered: August 5 & 6, 2017- 10-4pm

In this workshop you will create one or more small wax sculptures. Subject matter is up to you; bring two or more images, objects, ideas, or sketches to work from. You will be guided in sculpting by hand and with tools, including hot wax techniques. You should be able to finish one or more wax sculptures suitable for bronze casting. All tools and materials will be provided. A handout will provide options for casting your work in bronze as well as sources for tools and materials. Bring a lunch and work clothes and/or apron. Offered: August 5 & 6, 2017, 10-4pm, Fee: $160 /$140 members. $15 material fee to instructor. “Sculpture is the art of the hole and the lump.” Auguste Rodin. Read more at: Instructor: Jeff Arnett, BFA, MA, has been a working sculptor for many years. Mentored by sculptors Doyle Foreman, Peter Hanson and Ante Marinovic, he works primarily in stone and Contact Jeff at with questions about the workshop.

Intuitive Painting (one day)

Levels: All

Instructor: Laura Shepardson

Offered: July 22nd (one day only) 10am - 3:30pm

Fee: $89 one price

This class is designed to inspire creativity and encourage artistic expression. To create in a way that moves you into the mystery of yourself. The process, not the end result will become your focus. If you paint for product you havea result in mind, a direction, a goal, a place you are trying to reach. When you paint for process you can go anywhere. Using your intuition,imagination and spontaneity you’ll playfully paint highly original works of art without judgement, comparing, or concern for outcome. This creates an uplifting sense of inner freedom, where the painting possibilities are endless.

Instructor Laura Shepardson Often inspired by the diverse settings in her life, Laura expresses her imaginative voice through a wide assortment of mediums. With over 25 years of experience in creating art, Laura’s various means of expression include clay pottery, bamboo jewelry, mosaics, mandalas, and of course, painting.Much of her work has been exhibited in galleries, and successfully sold at gift shops throughout the Caribbean and Oregon, including her own boutique at the Tropical Treehouse in Rincon Puerto Rico. Laura also enjoys facilitating classes, and workshops that inspire creative expression.

Basic Encaustic Painting – Terry Dowell

Levels: All

Instructor: Terry Dowell

Offered: Saturday & Sunday, July 22 & 23, 2017 10am - 3:30pm

Encaustic painting is an exciting, ancient and cutting-edge art form.  Painting with molten beeswax is very forgiving and extremely versatile.  The possibilities are endless using:  collage, stencils, stamps, ink, oil paints, watercolors, photography and so much more.  Explore through demonstrations how to mix paint, fuse layers of wax, apply oil and chalk pastels, embed photos, and apply image transfers. Artist of all media and skill level will enjoy the limitless possibilities and fascination that encaustic has to offer. No drawing skills necessary. Bring a lunch.  All materials are provided.  This workshop is taught at the instructor’s studio in Aptos. Limited: 6 students, Saturday & Sunday, July 22 & 23, 2017, 10 am – 3:30 pm, Fees: $165 + $60 materials fee. Instructor:Terry Dowell is a mixed media artist specializing in encaustic work.  Her work can be seen in private collections nationwide and in juried shows in Northern California.  Other than encaustic, Terry has worked in wheel thrown and hand built pottery, photography, oil painting, watercolors, plein aire painting, and drawing for the last 50 years.

Make Your Colors Sing! – Seana Mallen

Levels: All

Instructor: Seana Mallen

Offered: July 15 & 16th, 9 – 3:30pm

Fee: $160 / $140 members

This is a two day intensive workshop for painters in watercolor or acrylic who want to expand, intensify, and enliven their use of color. Starting with basic color theory, we will explore the concepts of hue, saturation, temperature and value. We will use complementary and harmonious colors to create a series of small paintings inventing and investigating new color ideas in the media of your choice. Bring Lunch. Level: All, July 15 & 16th, 9 – 3:30. Fee: $160 / $140 members. $10 materials fee. Some materials provided, but please bring your own paper, and your choice of paints and brushes. Coffe, tea and cookies provided. Instructor: Seana Mallen , MA, an inspiring teacher and great lover of color!  She’s exhibited her work internationally, in the US, England and Bahrain, and has an MA in Drawing from Kingston University, UK. She has over 25 years experience teaching painting and drawing at university and adult education level, and she loves  to  share her enthusiasm for painting..,

Paper Arts – Silhouette & Diorama

Levels: All

Instructor: Dana Peters, MFA

Offered: July 8th and 9th 9am - 3:30pm

Experiment with paper in ways you never imagined possible! In this weekend workshop you will create two and three dimensional artworks as you think beyond paper’s traditional uses. We will explore conceptual implications in art and culture, and learn methods of manipulation such as intricate paper cut outs and dioramas. Students will be introduced to contemporary art work by famous paper artists such as Swoon, Adrien Coburn, Andy Byers and Kara Walker. Students will leave this class with two cohesive and thought provoking paper works.

Instructor Dana Peters, MFA, is a mixed media artist, printmaker, and performance artist. She was also the 2012 Resident Paper Costumer and Performance Artist at Proyecto Ace Residency Program in Buenos, Aires Argentina. She exhibits her two and three-dimensional paper works across the U.S. and internationally. She also exhibits locally in galleries and museums including the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History and the R. Blitzer Gallery in Santa Cruz.

Experiential Drawing

Levels: All

Instructor: Robert Regis Dvorák

Offered: June 24th (one day only), 10am - 4pm

Learn a revolutionary drawing method that transcends technical rules to improve your drawing.  Want to learn to draw or loosen up tight drawing habits? As outlined in Mr. Dvorak’s book,Experiential Drawing, the exercises are innovative and unusual or are new applications to familiar drawing methods. Experiential Drawing is for beginners, artists, and teachers who want to learn a spontaneous method of drawing that will enable you to draw quickly and effortlessly without judgment, and master the Zen-like ability to concentrate in a safe non-competitive environment.  Those with no drawing skills and those who draw and would like to move more deeply into their artistic processes are welcome. This is not an ordinary drawing course.

Instructor Robert Regis Dvorák is an artist and keynote speaker on creativity. He has been conducting drawing and painting workshops for 30 years. He is the author of a number of books on drawing and painting: Drawing Without Fear, The Pocket Drawing Book, Experiential Drawing, The Practice of Drawing as Meditation and Travel Drawing and Painting.

Expressing the Self Through Stone

Levels: All

Instructor: Michael Bashista

Offered: June 10th and 11th- 9am - 4pm

Fee: $160 / $140 members

Experience the tactile. Carve alabaster. Shape space using the direct carve method. Over one weekend we will rough out, refine, sand, and polish a soft stone. In doing so we will face our apprehensions and release our creativity by irrevocably changing an object that has existed for millions of years and, in moments, hours and days, change it for millions of years to come. In the stone’s stillness, there is great movement. In the sculptor’s hands, there are great possibilities.

Instructor Michael Bashista came late in life to carving stone. He confessed no art talent until discovering the uniqueness of negative space offered by the plasticity of stone. “The essence of sculpture is the perception of space,” to quote Isamu Noguchi. Michael has taught at various Community Colleges over the past 30 years. For the past 3 years his “Stone and Self “workshop has been conducted at the Santa Cruz Zen Center. He annually participates in Santa Cruz County Open Studios and various Art Shows.