Members Exhibition M-Z 2020 Prospectus and Entry

Dear Members,

We hope you are all healthy and safe and we miss you! The Art League will remain closed until the County Health Services Agency tells us otherwise, so we are taking our presence online. We are excited to invite you to submit artworks to the Member’s Exhibition M-Z 2020, the online version: we are planning to make it in an exciting and engaging way for our audiences to interact with you. We warmly invite you to come on this new journey with us.

What will this online engaged art exhibition experience look like?

• Members M-Z’s artworks will be put into an online “gallery” on our website (with links to your website and/or social media), where artworks can be sold (we will handle shipping/delivery).
• The virtual gallery will open on First Friday, September 4, and stay open for a while, to increase the opportunities for sales.
• We will host a virtual, First Friday event with an artist talk, SIP style!
• For five weeks, via social media and digital newsletter, an artist from the exhibition will be highlighted
weekly, with more information about the artwork(s) and artist
• In addition, we will be hosting weekly artist talks via Zoom and Facebook Live, giving everyone an opportunity to meet you and learn about your background, creative processes, etc.

We hope that this year’s Member’s Exhibition M-Z will prove to brings us closer as a creative community through sharing experiences and talks, than ever before.

Member’s M-Z, please take note of the following:

1. Your membership status must be current to have your artwork eligible to be shown in the Members M-Z Exhibition
2. Art submission deadline: August 30th, 2020 11:59pm (art may be submitted anytime before this date)
3. Digital First Friday & introduction to the exhibition: September 4th, 2020 at 6pm.


Need to renew your membership? Renew your membership here.



• Applicant must be a current Santa Cruz Art League Member
• Limited to 50 member artists (to avoid online viewing fatigue).
• Acceptance of work is at Art League’s’ discretion
• Up to 2 pieces may be submitted per artist.
• Image files submitted must be of high quality, in sharp focus and a true representation of the original art. Image of 2D art should include only the artwork, no frame. If your image file does not meet this criteria, you may be asked to remake the file. There are many online resources to help you take a high quality photograph of your artwork. HINT: Remove artwork from under any reflective surface (like glass) before photographing it.
• Artworks must be submitted in acceptable upload-ready file formats:
File Type: JPG only.
File Dimensions: 1,200 pixels or greater on the longest side.
File Size: No larger than 5 MB.


• The artist shall retain all copyrights of any image submitted to the Santa Cruz Art League.
• All images on the site may not be reproduced or used in any manner without the permission of the Santa Cruz Art League and the relevant artist.


Submission of your entry and signature grants Santa Cruz Art League permission to use your artwork or a reproduction of its likeness in promotional materials for this exhibition and future SCAL promotions.

In addition, the Santa Cruz Art League will use reasonable efforts to control the security of our website, but does not warrant that our web site will be able to protect artwork and images from infringement or piracy. Artist acknowledges that technological advances of those trying to break codes and encryption devices may outpace the technology of encryption and security and that there is no such thing as an absolutely secure Web site. The artist further acknowledges that the publication of digitized data on the Internet necessarily makes it possible for artwork and images to be copied in some form and for dishonest people to attempt to profit from that copying. Artist agrees that the Santa Cruz Art League shall have no liability for any negligence or lack of due care in failing to protect the security of our web site.

Direct questions to our admin team,

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