Gift Shop

Our online Gift Shop features one-of-a-kind and handmade works of art from our local Santa Cruz artists. If you purchase jewelry, ceramics, glass or any items you support our independent artists to thrive.

If you are an artist interested in selling, please contact Janet Silverglate at (831)426-5787 or email

Here are the artists that are currently in our Lobby:

Claudia Grey
Marilyn Gwynn
Himani Natu
Fereshteh Fatemi
Jamie Abbott & Jenni Ward
Stefanie Briscoe

Christianna Hunnicutt
George Dymesich
Alexis Spakoski
Carol Eddy
Jasper Marino
Elaine Pinkernell
Cynthia Siegel

Small paintings:
Christian Hunnicutt
Lisa Sotero
Thalia Straton
John Flores

Heather Richman
Claudia Grey

Fiber Art:
Mary Hammond
Yonat Michaelov
Randie Silverstein

Beth Purcell

Mixed Media:
Christianna Hunnicutt
Brynn Del Mano
Mary Mosier

Janet Silverglate
Peter Koronakos

Fine Art Prints:
Jody Bare (Prints & Lino on Silk)