Spoken & Unspoken (Juried show)

Exhibition Details
Art is a democratic form of expression on the convoluted news around politics today. Utilizing both traditional, and non-traditional mediums, artists all over the nation have been creatively expressing distaste or excitement on the happenings of national and international politics. This exhibition will showcase voices of artists who refuse to be silent and actively engage in the citizens’ conversation.

Spoken/Unspoken is part of a countywide collaboration that brings together eleven venues across Santa Cruz County under a unifying theme. Please go to www.spokenunspokenart.com for a list of venues and exhibitions. This collaboration was generouslyfunded by the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County.

T.Mike Walker, Artist/Author/Teacher will be the Juror for this exhibition

Click on the photo to T.Mike’s book, Escape from Iran: The Re-Enslavement of Women and the Death of Modern Music” available on Amazon.

Juror’s Statement:

So often after viewing modern and abstract art the viewer walks away wondering: “What is the Artist trying to say?”

After experiencing the Spoken & Unspoken Exhibition, I hope that question will be answered–even if you don’t agree with what some of the Artists said!
Through their skills and craft, their art will stop you in your tracks, make you go back and look again, stir a feeling, make you think.

Art has always been a powerful catalyst for Citizen Conversations, especially Political Art. Sometimes Art Howls with Hurt and Rage! Sometimes it’s Hilarious. But Political Art is also serious, deep, shockingly honest, unlocking dark mysteries of the heart. Political Art takes positions, shows attitude,
strikes sparks from our collective soul. Such expressions take moral and physical courage to create. Because all too often Political Art, whether spoken or unspoken, costs them their jobs, their country, their lives!

Spoken & Unspoken is more than an experience. Using body language, color, tone, mood, medium, materials, and creative magic, the artists contained here-in speak powerful images reflecting some of the most painful Truths of our Time.

T.Mike Walker


Panoply of Prints – Juried Show: Jimin Lee

Printmaking has been expanding as an art form, from traditional methods such as engraving and woodcuts to the exciting area of printstallation. This exhibition will showcase an exciting, diverse group of printmakers and will be juried by printmaker and UC Santa Cruz Art Professor Jimin Lee.

Artist Glenn Carter installing his piece in the SCAL gallery.



Views of the Cruz – Members Exhibition A-L

From time immemorial artists have depicted the places where they live, work, and play. With its vast natural beauty and creative life, Santa Cruz has inspired generations of artists. Santa Cruz Art League Members are invited to submit works in various media to share their own Views of the Cruz.

Annual Fundraiser Event-Luck of the Draw

It’s a Fun Holiday time at the Santa Cruz Art League

Like supporting local art and artists? Come join us for one of our most exciting events…
Luck of the Draw! Every ticket is a winner and takes home a 
piece of art worth twice the ticket price!

Here’s How it Works:
Buy one or more tickets to the event.
One art piece is given for each ticket.
Preview the pieces and list your choices (visit the Exhibit from
Oct. 28- Nov. 12th, until 2:45pm)
The drawing begins promptly at 2:45pm (All ticket stubs are put into a hat, the first one drawn gets first choice of all! The next one gets second choice and so on…Luck of the Draw!)

Every ticket stub is drawn, Everyone wins! Good Luck!
Preview: October 28 – November 12
Drawing and Reception: November 12, Sunday, 2:45pm

Cost: Tickets $65 each

Your ticket(s) will available at the front desk the evening of the event.

Would you like to donate your Art? We would really appreciate it!

Luck of the Draw-Art Donation

Carol Jeneid – Tribute Exhibition

Carol Jeneid gracefully passed May 8, 2016. However her beautiful art lives on as well as her spirit. Her three children, Heidi, Jon and Devin are honoring her work as an artist and will be presenting her last art show at the Art League September 12th thru the 16 th. Some of her art will be for sale. Her art depicts the dynamic and delightful person she was.

Carol moved to Santa Cruz in 1963. Living in Santa Cruz, her life took a 180 degree turn from her upbringing in Long Beach and being crowned Ms. Cotton. She threw away the bras, abandoned the high heals and opted for a life of organic food, colorful community and living a life that celebrated the simple pleasures. Carol was a combination of a self-taught artist as well as taking local formal art classes and workshops. Her first formal venture was a Life drawing class that she took with her son Devin. This was pivotal to the future of her art. She liked to be daring, try new techniques and mediums. Her art was her life and her life was her art. She saw life as an adventure, to be lived fully and kindly. Her home was the hub for visitors stopping in for a cup of tea, a meal or just a visit. Being with carol was fun, playful, insightful, heart felt and just felt down right good.

Carol both worked and volunteered at the Art League for years. Please come celebrate this memorial show honoring Carol Jeneid.



Honoring the Santa Cruz Art League’s nine decades long tradition of showcasing local artists, Art/Now/Next will feature the work of local, diverse artists under 40. The exhibition will introduce its audience to the next generation of artists who will continue to nurture Santa Cruz County’s creativity and innovation.

First Friday Reception, Dec. 1, 6-8pm, featuring DJ Sparkle

Check out the New Generation of Local Artists!

Edward Ramirez, Irenita O’Connell,
Rachel Smith, Julie Rawls, Elijah Pfotenhauer,
Nicole Shek, Noelle Correia, Allison Marie Garcia,
Danielle Peters, and Enrique Lopez

Art/Now/Next is made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County.
LocalSantaCruz.com is the media sponsor.

Event was photographed by Devi Pride Photography

(color photos by SCAL Staff)

Open Studio Preview

In partnership with the Santa Cruz County Arts Council, the Open Studios Preview Exhibition will offer a sneak peak of the great art of over 300 Santa Cruz County artists participating in the Open Studios Art Tours in the first three weekends in October.

For details, please visit the Santa Cruz Arts Council’s site, www.artscouncilsc.org/open-studios/

87th Annual Statewide California Landscape Exhibition

For almost nine decades, the Santa Cruz Art League’s Statewide Landscape Exhibition has showcased the work of artists across the Golden State who depict California’s foothills, mountains, seashores, and deserts of the interior and coastal regions.

Juror is Frank Galuska
Artist/Professor, University of California at Santa Cruz, CA

Above artwork “Bellagio” by juror Frank Galuska

Capturing Dance

Trying to capture and convey motion is the inspiring and technically remarkable accomplishment of dance photographers. This exhibition will highlight the work of photography artists whose images catch the spirit, the essence, and the sheer drama of movement and introduce audiences to featured local dancers.

We had a nice visit from the students of “Tannery World Dance & Cultural Center”.