90th Annual Statewide CA Landscapes Exhibition

For almost nine decades, the Santa Cruz Art League’s Statewide Landscape Exhibition has showcased the work of artists across the Golden State who depict California’s foothills, mountains, seashores, and deserts of the interior and coastal regions.

View the virtual exhibition here!

Members Exhibition A–L

Join us for another year of Member’s Exhibitions beginning with members A–L. Creativity will be expressively showcased by the broad talent of the Santa Cruz Art League members.

Each member is invited to submit one artwork.

Featured image is Beautiful View at Rocky Point, Big Sur by Bill Kennann, Oil on canvas

Peripheral Vision—Divergent Travel Photography

Travel can mean both the journey and the destination. But rather than reiterating clichéd images, curious photographers focus their lens on details of a scene, or moments unfolding around them, bringing the region’s culture to life. Were you able to connect with people in a foreign land, even if you didn’t speak the language, by taking their photo? Have you ever captured a day-in-a-life scene that tells a story of tradition or human emotion? Did you find yourself in a stunning landscape far from home, and actually do it justice in a photo? Share your indelible travel memories.

Juror: Allison Garcia
Freelance Photographer & Co-Producer of Open Show Santa Cruz

Spotlight Gallery: Heidi Woodmansee

Heidi uses color and the fluid quality of watercolor to explore the intricacies of flowers, plants and nature. She has created the collection “The Barnyard and Beyond” which represents creatures both familiar and wild.

Heidi is also excited to collaborate with fashion designer Jill Pillot of Ricochet Wearable Art, in the collection “Art Finds Art” where Jill Pillot incorporates Heidi Michelle’s Art “Barnyard and Beyond” Collection into her designs.

Water & Metal

The Santa Cruz Watercolor Society and the Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild present Water & Metal at the Santa Cruz Art League. The exhibition features artworks from members of both organizations, highlighting the breadth of creativity, talent, and craftsmanship of these local artists.

Luck of the Draw

Join us for another fun year at Luck of the Draw art raffle! Each ticket purchased receives one artwork. Raffle tickets now available!

To donate your artwork to this event, please click HERE.

Members Exhibition M–Z

Drop-off dates: May 28th (3-6pm), May 29 (1-3pm)
Pick-up dates: July 15th (3-6pm), July 16th (1-3pm)

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The Member’s Exhibition M–Z is a group of diverse works by our creative Santa Cruz Art League members. Members are invited to represent themselves with one artwork per artist.