Mak Nova and The Kings

March 24, 2023 6-8pm

Where: Broadway Play House

Supanova productions presents, We Are Gold: an intimate evening of musical theater featuring Mak Nova and The Kings, Tammi Brown and Ibou Ngom. The name of the show was inspired by Mak Nova‘s recent trip to Ghana, formally known as the Gold Coast. On her trip, she was deeply saddened by the current and historical suffering of Africans and their descendants all over the world. She decided that she needed to focus on the uplifting and inspiring aspects of African/African American heritage; to focus on the gifts instead of the pain. We Are Gold is about celebrating blackness in all its diverse forms and amplifying the golden wellspring that is African/African American heritage. Audience members are encouraged to wear gold as a way to stand in solidarity with the performers and all the people of African/African American descent who consistently remind us that the brightest jewels are often forged in the greatest hardships.

Admission: $$15