Watercolor-Linda Lord-Thursdays (Aug-Sept)

Levels: All

Offered: 6 Thurs., beginning: 08/08/19, 1pm-3:30pm

Instructor: Linda Lord

This class is geared to facilitate those who have never painted and those who have advanced their skills. Most class sessions will include a demo and then time to work on the elements of the demo. Information on materials, including colors and “gimmicks”,and tools is given throughout the six-week period. The goal of this class is to encourage the joy of painting, while improving skills and knowledge. This is a “fun” class, so bring a sense of humor and whatever materials you have and enjoy.


**NO CLASS 8/1/19**


Instructor Linda Lord is a self-trained artist and illustrator with over 16 years teaching experience in her studio and via the SC Watercolor Society; an Open Studio artist whose exhibits include Cozumel, Mexico. Linda also publishes with a decorative art publisher.

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