The Power of Monotype

Levels: All

Offered: Sunday Afternoon, 8/18/19, 10am - 4pm

Instructor: Anouk Johanna

Watercolor Monotype is a wonderful alternative process for painters. Monotypes always have a chance factor which makes the process exciting and often adds an element of mystery. It is this transformative aspect that unleashes an unusual high level of spontaneous creativity. The most common response when we pull the print is “Wow!”…it’s usually a total surprise, nothing like what we thought and usually even better than we imagined it would be. It also is a relatively fast process in comparison to pure painting. Using Hot Press water color paper will give students the option to continue to build on their print using watercolor if desired as seen below.

Anouk will start the workshop with up to an hour of demos of various techniques and approaches. At the end there will be a constructive Group Critique and/or Feedback of students work. Students are encouraged to bring personal images to work from. There will be inspirational Hand Outs for all participants as well.

Please do not feel overwhelmed by the length of the materials list, many of the items you may already have! For questions regarding materials list, email



Anouk Johanna is a local artist who grew up in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and is an accomplished painter, pen and ink artist, ceramic sculptor, print maker and scrimshaw artist whose work has been sold nationally and internationally for more than 35 years to private collectors, through shows and her website as well as through galleries.

Materials Fee: $15.00

Additional Instructions: Bring Sack Lunch

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