The Art of Selling Art

Levels: All

Offered: One Sunday Afternoon, 09/22/19, 10:00am-4:00pm

Instructor: Robert Dvorak

Location: Santa Cruz Art League




This is a comprehensive sales program oriented to the individual artist, art representative, or art gallery personnel.  Be prepared for a fun-filled day of lively lecture and in-class games.  You will learn how to sell art to individual clients, collectors, and corporations.  Robert Dvořák, a successful California artist, will demonstrate what works and what doesn’t work so that by the end of the workshop, you can begin selling–and prospering–immediately with confidence and self-assurance. A comprehensive handout is included in the price of the class. The book, Selling Art 101 will be available. 

Important:  Remember to bring one artwork, which is framed or mounted and available for sale.  Frequently sales take place in this class.


This workshop will cover:

prospecting for clients                      referrals

developing rapport                            planning sales meetings and phone calls

telephone techniques                        emotions–how to use them

what not to say or do                        closing secrets

what questions to ask                       what words to use

portfolios on phone or pad              artist’s statements

presentations                                     pricing the art

goal setting                                        art gallery selling

internet selling                                  showing work on internet sites

open studio selling                            planning a web site that works


About Robert Regis Dvorák  is the author of the new book, Selling Art 101.  He has been teaching The Art of Selling Art to artists, art representatives, and art gallery sales people for 35 years.  His paintings and prints and films are part of many individual, corporate, and institutional collections. His films are in the collections of The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Smithsonian Institute, The New York Museum of Modern Art, The Walker Art Institute, his paintings are in the collections of The Bank of America, Del Monte Corporation, and ICON of California and many private collections including the Vanderbuilts, the Boyds, the Kwei collection and many others.  Phone and Fax:  916.391.5051  Web site:  email:


“Aloha Robert, I love your book! If I had written a book like this I would be helping artists reach their highest level. It is simply the best art sales manual I have ever read. It is a bible for me now. I am a moderately successful artist in Kauai. I make over $150,000.00 a year. My sales were really down due to a bump in the road. The first day I perused your book I sold $1400, the second day $1200, and the third day $1440 at an outdoor show. Thank you so much.” Dawn Lundquist 

Additional Instructions: Remember to bring one artwork, which is framed or mounted and available for sale.  Frequently sales take place in this class.

Fee: $120, one price for all Join Now