Sketching With Watercolor, Pen & Ink

Levels: All Levels

Offered: 1 Saturday Afternoon, 8/8/20, 10:00am - 4:00pm

Instructor: Bonni Carver

Location: Santa Cruz Art League

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Watercolor and pen and ink are the perfect portable media through which any place or setting can become a springboard for a creative sketch. An illustrated record of travels and seasons, sketching allows for a window into the moment. Bonni will demonstrate her facility with different approaches to sketching by melding water-soluble ink with watercolor paint and producing dynamic results. Discover the power of the imperfect line and how a simple blush of color can convert so much! Bonni will demonstrate simple ways to launch into using pen and ink for all levels. The class will begin inside the classroom and weather permitting we’ll sketch outside as well.   Bring a brown bag lunch.  For more of Bonni’s work, please visit her website at

Bonni Carver has been teaching her craft for years both locally as well as internationally. Bonni is an active  member in the arts community as a member of  the Santa Cruz Art League, California Watercolor Association, Santa Cruz Watercolor Society and Pajaro Valley Arts Council and has also has exhibited in shows through out California.

“My style is primarily impressionistic and my medium is watercolor. Simply put, watercolor has captured my heart. In addition to studio art classes I’ve taken at Cabrillo College and the San Francisco Academy of Art, my work reflects the influence of workshops I’ve taken with Charles Reid, Alvaro Castegnet, Barbara Nechis, Frank Webb and Skip Lawrence. In turn, I translate what I’ve learned into instruction through the workshops/classes I lead….

…A wise teacher once told me to paint what I love and learn to love what I paint; I apply that
maxim to my work.”