(ONSITE) Painting Abstract Watercolors

Levels: All levels

Offered: One day workshop, Sunday, 8/15/21, 10am-4:30pm

Instructor: Robert Regis Dvorák

Location: Santa Cruz Art League

Have fun creating rich, colorful, abstract paintings. In this creative workshop you will learn the most important criteria for any successful painting. This could be the most valuable watercolor workshop you will ever take. It will make you see all your painting endeavors as abstract compositions, full of energy, drama, light, and color. Using a variety of creative watercolor techniques you will paint beautiful abstract paintings. You will learn:
  • how to create new ideas for paintings
  • exciting ways to experiment with watercolor
  • a variety of composition secrets
  • how to exaggerate your colors
  • how to create drama
  • masking, brush techniques, and alternatives to the brush
  • the correct use of sprays and spatters to create colorful textures.
You will watch step-by-step painting demonstrations, try them, and come away from the class with many new ways to create your own abstract watercolor paintings. Beginning students as well as those with previous watercolor instruction will find this class new, valuable and exciting with more content in one day than you have experienced before.
With a series of easy exercises you will paint beautiful abstract paintings. Painting in watercolor is easy when you trust your ability to create and find opportunities for personal discovery, expression, and invention. In a relaxed safe painting environment you will learn to use your imagination to deliberately paint abstract watercolors.
Bring your watercolor painting materials.  A materials fee of $15 will be collected when you register for the workshop for your watercolor paper, a mouth atomizer, a color handout, and other materials to be supplied.  Bring a cotton rag and a water-container to class.
Binder clips—at least two medium size to hold watercolor paper steady.
A 9” x 12” backing board. I will have some for those who don’t have them.
Brushes–Watercolor brushes–recommend a small round and a large round and a large flat (A number 10 or 12 or a Chinese calligraphy brush. I will have some of these for $6)
Hake brush or a flat watercolor brush, 1” or larger. I will have these also for $4.
Two HB No. 2 yellow pencils that are sharp.
All your watercolor supplies
Watercolor palette filled with watercolor paint.  Ready to paint. Bring the colors you like to use.
Rag–absorbent cotton to control the amount of water on your brush. Don’t use a tissue for this.
Spray bottle for misting water onto a painting
Tissues for lightening colors or removing paint from the paper. Don’t use your rag for this.
Tooth brush for spattering paint
Water bottle for drinking.
Water container for painting—wide top with a water tight cover full to the top with water.
Watercolors—Robert will use: Permanent Rose or Quinacridone Rose, Vermilion, Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna, Aureolin or Azo Yellow, Viridian Green or Hookers Green, Cobalt Blue, Prussian Blue or Phthalo Blue, Burnt Sienna. You do not have to use the same colors unless you want to. Have your palette ready. Bring colors you like to use.
Watercolor paper not be furnished—have one sheet 22” x 30” 140 lb cold press paper. You will tear the full sheet down to 7.5 x 11 inch sheet sizes.
Working clothes–please don’t wear white unless they are your painting clothes. Watercolor stains clothes.
Suggestions—not required:
Hair Drier–Only if you have one and would be willing to share it with the class.
Brushes–other brushes you might have such as different sizes of Hake brushes or Chinese brushes.
Support local business: purchase class supplies at Lenz Arts.

Fee: $150.00 Join Now