(ONSITE & OUTDOORS) Drawing Out & About

Levels: All levels

Offered: One day workshop, Saturday, 8/14/21, 10-4:30pm

Instructor: Robert Regis Dvorák

Location: Santa Cruz Art League

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This will be a full day of learning to draw for fun. Urban sketching and sketch crawling are now being practiced worldwide. This enjoyable day should prepare you for a lifetime of outdoor drawing pleasure. It will give you great ideas for improving and practicing your drawing skills in public–when you travel or just when you are out and about at home.  Most of the day will be spent practicing drawing outdoors. Bring your lunch to the class. We will eat our lunch when we are hungry. The less time for lunch the more time we will have to practice our “drawing out and about” skills.
If you would like to add color to your drawings, bring a travel watercolor set, a brush and a small water container. We will use my book, The Pocket Drawing Book, as a guide to the exercises presented. Bring your copy of this book to the workshop if you have it.
You will learn:
  • short and easy practice exercises for drawing people and architecture
  • 22 tips on how to draw or paint in comfort in a public place
  • ways to add watercolor to your line drawings
  • how to draw quickly and easily with confidence
  • how to draw people, places, faces, spaces, trees and other outdoor things.
  • simple and impressive drawing techniques, including hatching and shading
  • which pens to use with watercolor
This day of hands-on drawing is designed to get you drawing daily anywhere and loving it.  No matter what your skill or background, this workshop will have you drawing more and often.
Materials:  Bring your lunch and wear comfortable clothes. If you can, bring a small stool or folding chair that is easy to carry. Bring a travel watercolor set if you want to add color to your drawings. The materials fee of $25 includes:  The Pocket Drawing Book, The Pocket Drawing Pad 4X5, handouts and drawing instruments. If you already have some or all of these items, bring them to the workshop and save some or all of the materials fee.
Instructor:  Robert Regis Dvorák has been making drawing and watercolor fun and easy to learn for 35 years. He is an artist and popular speaker on subjects of creativity in education and business.  He has authored and illustrated six books on drawing and watercolor painting subjects:  Travel Drawing and Painting, Drawing without Fear, Experiential Drawing, The Practice of Drawing as Meditation, The Magic of Drawing, and The Pocket Drawing Book.