(ON SITE) Kids Class: Animal Art

Levels: 5 years old and up

Offered: 6 Wednesday afternoons, beginning October 5th, 4:00 to 5:00

Instructor: Linda Cover

Location: Santa Cruz Art League

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Young artists, 5 years and up, create animals in their natural habitats using scientific drawing techniques and references. In this class we will be he kids could collaborate on a book with Tannery students “Creatures that Fly.” Students will be using multiple media from simple pencils, to pens, pastels, watercolor pencils and watercolor paint. Artists work at their own pace with their own chosen “creature”. Materials will be provided.

Linda Cover, a SPECTRA teaching artist, has taught in schools throughout Santa Cruz County and at the Tannery Arts Center, for many years. She has received multiple educator awards, and her students numerous national, international and local awards for their work.

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