Making Faces: An Introduction to Portraiture

Levels: All Levels

Offered: One day workshop - Saturday 01/19/19, 10am - 4pm

Instructor: Seana Mallen

Faces are endlessly fascinating. And given a few basics, it’s surprisingly easy to draw them.

In this intensive workshop, we will discover the underlying anatomy that we all share as humans.

Then we’ll explore the subtle nuances that make each of us so unique.

We will focus on the capturing a likeness quickly in a portrait sketch, rather than a formal sitting.

Drawing on the “canons of the face”, Betty Edward’s, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, and my own 30 year experience as a portrait painter, we will weave together several very different approaches to drawing and painting the wonderful human face.

I can’t  guarantee that you will be a brilliant portrait painter by the end of the workshop, but you WILL have a clear understanding of human facial proportions, you’ll have drawn a convincing portrait of a person of your choice, you’ll have learned a few secrets and tricks of the trade, and have taken the first steps on a path that may become a lifelong obsession.

The drawings below have all been made in my sketchbook, at concerts and in cafes, and the people were NOT holding still!


Seana has an MA in Drawing as Process, and has drawn and painted humans (and dogs…) all her life, both as a professional portrait painter for many years, and in life drawing sessions for decades. She has taught in adult education and at university level for over 25 years, and loves to share her experience and enthusiasm for the human form.

Additional Instructions: Please bring a bag lunch.

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