Make Your Colors Sing! – Seana Mallen

Levels: All

Offered: July 15 & 16th,, 9 – 3:30pm

Instructor: Seana Mallen

This is a two day intensive workshop for painters in watercolor or acrylic who want to expand, intensify, and enliven their use of color. Starting with basic color theory, we will explore the concepts of hue, saturation, temperature and value. We will use complementary and harmonious colors to create a series of small paintings inventing and investigating new color ideas in the media of your choice. Bring Lunch. Level: All, July 15 & 16th, 9 – 3:30. Fee: $160 / $140 members. $10 materials fee. Some materials provided, but please bring your own paper, and your choice of paints and brushes. Coffe, tea and cookies provided. Instructor: Seana Mallen , MA, an inspiring teacher and great lover of color!  She’s exhibited her work internationally, in the US, England and Bahrain, and has an MA in Drawing from Kingston University, UK. She has over 25 years experience teaching painting and drawing at university and adult education level, and she loves  to  share her enthusiasm for painting..,

Materials Fee: $10

Additional Instructions: Bring a lunch.

Fee: $160 / $140 members Join Now