(LIVE ONLINE) The Basic Shapes Painting Method

Levels: All levels

Offered: One workshop, Wednesday, October 20, 1-5pm

Instructor: Toaa Dallo


 The Basic Shapes Painting Method

Paint Along with Toaa Dallo

Toaa will demonstrate and explain the time-honored Basic Shapes Method of art-making. Students will explore concepts and techniques through brief guided exercises, including still life and grisaille, and will then apply these lessons to a subject of their choice, using their preferred medium. Toaa will create a pet portrait in oil paint, demonstrating and encapsulating the lessons for the day. Participants will then be invited to share their work with the group, for a friendly session of feedback and constructive critiquing. 

 Working primarily in oil on canvas and pencil on paper, Toaa Dallo has pursued portraiture as a specialty. He has also developed a body of work called Mindscapes, fanciful landscapes of spectacular extraterrestrial vistas. His work is included in many private and corporate collections and has been seen in art shows and galleries principally in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Palm Springs. As an instructor, Toaa has offered classes and intensive workshops at his Santa Cruz art studios since 1994 and has also given numerous lectures and demonstrations for art clubs and organizations. In 2012 he began teaching classes and all-day workshops at Palace Art in Capitola, where he worked with more than a thousand students of all ages, interests, and needs. Toaa believes that teaching is a vital function that connects the past and the future, and he considers it to be one of the most important mandates for any serious professional in the arts.