(LIVE ONLINE) Spontaneous Drawing Studio:

Levels: All levels

Offered: Thursdays February 11, 18, 25, March 4, 2021, 2-3:30pm

Instructor: Robert Dvorak


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The objective of the Spontaneous Drawing Studio is to learn many new and exciting ways to make drawings. You will explore, experiment and invent different ways to make amazing drawings. Along with Robert Dvorak’s enthusiasm and new approaches, you will create spontaneous drawings of flowers with a variety of drawing materials. Beginning, intermediate and accomplished artists are welcome!

At the beginning of each session you will see examples of that day’s projects. Then you will watch Robert demonstrate. Then you can draw with Robert, step by step. There will be detailed explanations of all the projects. Robert will look at each individual’s endeavors and give valuable feedback when asked.

Robert will bring to this class the same enthusiasm and energy you have experienced in his classroom workshops. You will gain from this workshop a new enthusiasm for drawing and many new approaches that you can use for a lifetime of drawing enjoyment!



One stick of vine charcoal.

A #10 or #12 round brush. Or a Chinese calligraphy brush about the same size. Chinese calligraphy brushes and Sable hair brushes hold more water than the synthetic brushes.

A Pilot V5 Precise Pen with Black Ink or a Bic Grip Roller Black Ink Pen. You can also use a fountain pen filled with black non-waterproof ink.

A 2B pencil (sharp).

A B5 Speedball calligraphy point and holder

A bottle of Higgins Non-waterproof India Ink.

An 8.5” x 11” sketch paper or 9” x 12” sketch book.

A water container–an empty peanut butter jar or a yogurt container will work fine.

A wooden skewer (from your kitchen drawer).