(LIVE ONLINE) Pencil Drawing the Easy Way

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Levels: All levels

Offered: 4 Thursdays 4/22-5/13, 2-3:30 pm

Instructor: Robert Dvorak


Anyone can easily learn to draw with a pencil.  If you have always wanted to be able to draw with a pencil, know that your lack of success is not because you don’t have talent or artistic ability…or because you don’t practice enough.  Most people who try pencil drawing approach it the wrong way.  In this course you will learn how to do amazing drawings with a pencil in no time.  You will learn basic tricks with the pencil that will amaze your friends and family and most important yourself. You will learn:

  • what pencils to use
  • how to hold it
  • how to create different line weights
  • pencil shading and pencil hatching
  • when and how to erase
  • how to draw trees, faces, landscape, and still life subjects
  • how to sharpen a pencil

In this workshop you will learn how to draw with a pencil—the good habits that will give you hours of fun and increase your ability, every time you draw.  You will practice with a variety of subjects: people, faces, architecture, trees, and still life subjects. No matter what your skill or background, this class will have you drawing with a pencil and loving it.

Instructor:  Robert Regis Dvorak has been making drawing and painting fun and easy to learn for 35 years. He is popular speaker on creativity in education and business.  He has authored and illustrated six books on drawing and watercolor painting subjects:  Travel Drawing and Painting, Drawing without Fear, Experiential Drawing, The Practice of Drawing as Meditation, The Magic of Drawing, and The Pocket Drawing Book.

Materials:  Two sharp 2B pencils and an Ebony pencil, a kneaded eraser, and a drawing pad with textured paper. You will need a way to sharpen your pencils–a pocket knife or a pencil sharpener. Handout materials will be emailed to each registered student.