LIVE ONLINE Getting into Gouache Beginner’s Series

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Levels: Beginners

Offered: 5 Wednesdays, April 13-May 11, in addition to a separate weekly critique session (online and recorded), 10am-12pm

Instructor: Cynthia Armstrong


Gouache is an under appreciated watercolor medium that has amazing versatility and can transcend the boundaries of many other mediums. It can wash like watercolor, blend like an opaque oil, and dry brush like acrylic. In this online series, each week Cynthia will provide an in-depth look into the nature and versatility of gouache.

Offering a variety of techniques that capitalize on gouache strengths, while mitigating challenges, students will come away with a deepened understanding of gouache handling capabilities. Instruction, demos, and exercises will explore it’s many strengths, from reintroducing lights (highlights) and delicious velvety matte finish, to intensely rich pigments and luscious handling.

Materials List:

Designer gouache – suggested brands: Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith, M.Graham. *Note: avoid Holbein Acryla Gouache.
Gouache in tubes:
• Permanent White

• Cadmium yellow • Yellow ochre
• Cadmium red
• Alizarin crimson • Spectrum violet • Ultramarine blue • Cerulean blue

• Burnt umber • Burnt sienna

140 lb cold press watercolor block (any size up to 9 x12), Or Cottonwood Arts laminated cold press boards (available online at

Watercolor/acrylic brushes: #8 pointed round, 1”, 1/2” 3/4” synthetic flats; selection of various size brushes for detail work (will discuss in class first day)

Sealable wet palette with Sta-Wet sponge (or other thin microfiber sponge) for keeping paint wet (8x 10in).
Sources: Sealable palette – Mijello Martin airtight watercolor 18 well palette, Amazon ~ $9.00 Microfiber sponge – Masterson Sta-Wet Handy Palette Sponge, Amazon ~ $8.00

Small Spray bottle


Cup for water and roll of paper towels

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