(LIVE ONLINE) Beginning Watercolor

Levels: Beginner

Offered: Four Wednesdays, July 7-28. Additional weekly critique hour sessions TBD, 10am-12pm

Instructor: Cynthia Armstrong


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Learn the absolute essentials of watercolor in this limited series class with instructor, Cynthia Armstrong. Students will gain a solid understanding of all things watercolor: papers and brushes, watercolor paint properties, color theory, simple and alternative application techniques and more. And have fun in the process.

Watercolor has the reputation for being difficult; it can cause frustration, defeat, and disappointment, especially for those just starting out. Having a solid understanding in the bedrock basics can instill confidence and, dare we say it, enjoyment!

Basic materials list:

Watercolors in tubes – suggested brands: Winsor Newton, Daniel Smith, Schminke, Holbein — (avoid student grade watercolors)

Permanent alizarin crimson Yellow ochre
Cadmium red
Cadmium yellow Ultramarine blue

Cerulean blue

Additional colors (optional): Burnt umber
Lemon yellow
Cobalt blue

Quinacridone gold Quinacridone burnt orange

Watercolor palette – Mijello Martin Airtight watercolor 18-well works great and is inexpensive online

Synthetic rounds: # 4,6,8
Synthetic flats: 1/2 inch, 1 inch
Suggested brands to look at: Silver Brush Black Velvet; Escoda

Arches 140# cold press – either single full sized sheets (22 x 30”, divided into quarters) OR watercolor blocks (9×12 inches)
Backing board if using large sheets of paper, cut down to size; a backing board can be any waterproof surface (plexiglass, corrugated plastic, wood, etc). 10 x 14 is a safe size.

Artists tape

Paper towels
Two water containers – Larger sized yogurt containers work great

Small notebook and pencil & eraser