(LIVE ONLINE 4YOUTH) Anatomy Sketching in Ink

Levels: Teens & Young Adults, Beginners and Intermediate

Offered: One Saturday session, January 23, 2-4pm

Instructor: Malisa Suchanya


Do you feel afraid of drawing in ink? What if you make a mistake? What if the drawing doesn’t turn out the way you wanted? These are all real struggles between experienced and novice artists alike, but there are ways to gain more confidence in drawing. And to acquire that strength, you need to take a plunge!

In this class, you will learn to:

  • Draw with more fluidity and expression
  • Abandon the dated notion of perfection
  • Start a drawing without the fear of starting
  • Draw from observation with more ease

In this hands-on class, all you need is a pen and paper. Of course you can bring in other types of ink media. Brush pens, fountain pens with different kinds of nibs, even brush and ink is acceptable. You will draw from a range of reference images provided by your instructor and practice drawing at different time intervals and build your confidence in drawing quickly and without fear.

This class will help you break out of the fear mentality and to embrace imperfection.

Beginners and more advanced students are welcomed. We will engage with a range of drawing exercises that acts as great practice for all stages.


Canson XL mix media sketchbook, 11” by 14”. Available on Amazon

Sakura Pigma Micron 6 count pen set


Pocket Brush Pen, Buy Local at Lenz Arts  or online if you are not in Santa Cruz County.

Instructor: Malisa Suchanya is an illustrator and teaching artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her love for drawing and painting blossomed when she was a young teenager living in Singapore. She learned to draw by copying and practicing for many years before studying art formally. She has a Bachelors Degree in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Masters in Art Education from the Academy Of Art University in San Francisco.

Additional Instructions: Zoom videoconferencing system will be used for this online class. You will receive the Zoom link about a week before the first day of class. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with Zoom and test logging in before the first session. Please log in 10-15min in advance to allow the class to start on time. A recording will be emailed to you within 1-2 business days after the end of the class.