Intuitive Painting (one day)

Levels: All

Offered: July 22nd (one day only), 10am - 3:30pm

Instructor: Laura Shepardson

This class is designed to inspire creativity and encourage artistic expression. To create in a way that moves you into the mystery of yourself. The process, not the end result will become your focus. If you paint for product you havea result in mind, a direction, a goal, a place you are trying to reach. When you paint for process you can go anywhere. Using your intuition,imagination and spontaneity you’ll playfully paint highly original works of art without judgement, comparing, or concern for outcome. This creates an uplifting sense of inner freedom, where the painting possibilities are endless.

Instructor Laura Shepardson Often inspired by the diverse settings in her life, Laura expresses her imaginative voice through a wide assortment of mediums. With over 25 years of experience in creating art, Laura’s various means of expression include clay pottery, bamboo jewelry, mosaics, mandalas, and of course, painting.Much of her work has been exhibited in galleries, and successfully sold at gift shops throughout the Caribbean and Oregon, including her own boutique at the Tropical Treehouse in Rincon Puerto Rico. Laura also enjoys facilitating classes, and workshops that inspire creative expression.

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