Getting into Gouache

Class is Full!

Levels: All

Offered: 6 Thurs, beginning: 01/16/2020, 9:30am-12pm

Instructor: Cynthia Armstrong

Location: Santa Cruz Art League

Gouache is an under appreciated watercolor medium that has amazing versatility and can transcend the boundaries of many other mediums. It can wash like watercolor, blend like an opaque oil, and dry brush like acrylic. In this series class, each week Cynthia will provide an in depth look into the nature and versatility of gouache.

Offering a variety of techniques that capitalize on gouache strengths, while mitigating challenges, students will come away with a deepened understanding of gouache handling capabilities. Instruction, demos, and exercises will explore it’s many strengths, from reintroducing lights (highlights) and delicious velvety matte finish, to intensely rich pigments and luscious handling.



Cynthia Armstrong holds a graduate degree from UC Santa Cruz in Science Illustration and a Master’s degree in Education from Stanford University.  She has been a freelance illustrator and artists for over 20 years, and a teacher for the past 15 years. Cynthia, as a published illustrator, has traveled and journaled extensively throughout her career.