Get the Feel of it!: Creating a Highly Textured Canvas

Levels: All Levels

Offered: 1 Saturday afternoon, 4/25/20, 10:00am - 3:00pm

Instructor: Janet Trenchard

Location: Santa Cruz Art League

“Student will learn how to get that highly textured canvas surface using common and uncommon materials!  A highly textured surface evokes the elements of earth and appeals to our sense of touch.  Let’s explore new ways to create textured surfaces and interact with them with sepia washes, scumbling, sanding and more! This workshop is limited to 12 students.  The focus of this workshop is learning to build a textured surface on canvas that students can take home to paint at their leisure, once dried.
NOTE TO PREVIOUS STUDENTS! Students who already have textured canvases from previous workshops are encouraged to bring them to class if they would like assistance in painting them. This class welcomes all levels of experience and is a dynamic setting that allows artists at different stages of creation of their textured canvases to congregate and work.”



Janet Trenchard has retired from teaching art in the public schools and now is a fulltime professional artist. She has been in juried exhibitions around the Bay Area and Carmel, and is a Santa Cruz Open Studios artist.

“I work in an abstract contemporary style and often work in large format for the physicality of it, and the sense of expansion. I enjoy the texture for the sense of touch, implied or real. My work is inspired by exploration and the interaction with materials. What’s coming through in my current work expresses the earth, geology, geography, and water.” -Janet Trenchard

Additional Instructions: Past students please feel free to bring in ready textured canvases to paint!

Fee: $89.00, one price Join Now

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