Drawing Foundations

Levels: Beginners

Offered: (2) Afternoons, Sat 8/24/19 & Sun 8/25/19, 12:00pm-5:00pm

Instructor: Jo-Neal Graves

Location: Santa Cruz Art League

This course is an introduction to drawing. We will cover the fundamentals, including contour line, form and modeling using a variety of media. You will learn techniques to improve your observational drawing skills and will find that as your abilities improve, your perception of the world around you will as well…in a good way!


“Jo-Neal was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and has taught for more than 40 years. She attended what is now called Cal State University East Bay. Although retired from teaching high school in Santa Cruz, California, she is still teaching…adults. She studied fresco painting and restoration as well as oil painting and restoration in Florence, Italy as part of her preparation for teaching art. Teaching at the secondary level encouraged her to add to her repertoire a variety of media. She remains the eternal student! 
















Additional Instructions: Please bring lunch.

Fee: $160, one price for all Join Now

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