ON SITE Art of Pillow-Making, African style

Levels: All levels

Offered: 2 Saturdays, January 15 & 22, 12-4pm

Instructor: Donna Thompson

Location: Santa Cruz Art League

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In this workshop you will create  a unique patterned cloth  inspired by the Yoruba people, Nigeria, West Aftrica.  The process uses a starch resist technique and tie dying.

The class will  introduce the dyeing technique of Adire Elecko  ( hand painted with indigo dye) In the class we will use a contemporary dyeing agent instead of the traditional indigo. To complete the fabric for the pillow, Adire Oniko cloth (term for tie dyed fabric) will be used for the back.

The Adire Eleko cloth is a personal piece of art.  It represents the artist and their family through the creation of patterns using symbolic and geometric designs.

Step by step instructions on the design aspect will start the class followed by the resist process, think batik with no heat.  First session will make the design and paint the resist. Second session will be dye painting on the resist fabric and  tie dye for the pillow back.  We will also be able to sew the pillow and stuff it.  When you finish the workshop you will take a special, meaningful piece of art that your created home!

Workshop is designed for all, no prior experience necessary.

Donna Thompson is a professional art educator and practicing artist, with twenty five years teaching art with an emphasis on world culture.

Materials Fee: $25

Additional Instructions: Masks are required, in compliance with Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency

Fee: $125 Join Now

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