Ancestral Reliquaries: An Assemblage Workshop

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Levels: All Levels

Offered: One Day Workshop: December 4th, 9:00am to 4:00pm

Instructor: Windy Aikin

Location: Santa Cruz Art League

Led on by Wendy Aikin, this workshop is in association with our exhibit: Curious Narratives – Imagined Memories

Join us to honor an ancestor (real or imagined) in this hands-on workshop. We will create a modern interpretation of an ancient Reliquary* using a pre made substrate combining various artistic elements and personal found objects.


*Reliquary: “A container or shrine in which sacred relics are kept.” Relics were traditionally segments of the cross or bones of a saint. Reliquaries were also known as ostensoriums or monstrances.


Begin your journey at home by finding a moment that you want to memorialize. Collect a tiny relic, memento, or photo that will be the focal point of your reliquary. (For more information please, read the materials list)


To begin the workshop, you will be guided on a private tour of the exhibition: Curious Narratives – Imagined Memories , where you will gain more inspiration on how you might arrange your reliquary. You will be encouraged to explore a variety of techniques to creatively arrange and display your relic.



What does the $50 Materials Fee cover?
We will provide morning treats and coffee, a pre-made wood reliquary with stand, and Devcon 5-Minute Epoxy. In addition, there will be limited amounts of beads, metal and wood findings, bits of fabric, paint and brushes to share.

Meet the Artist:

Wendy Aikin is a seasoned artist whose primary medium is assemblage, though she skillfully navigates the mediums of collage and encaustic as well. Her interest in assemblage began after a class at UC Santa Cruz many years ago. As a late-blooming, self-taught artist her journey has been marked by years of dedicated trial, error and research. Her work has been acknowledged through awards, inclusion in books and publications. Presently, Wendy is one of the principal artists in “Curious Narratives, Imagined Memories’ at the Santa Cruz Art League.

Warning: Paint, hot glue, 5-Minute Epoxy, spray finishes, etc. will be used in class. If you are
sensitive to chemical smells, this might not be the class for you.

Materials Fee: $50 (Included in Class fee)

Fee: $150 ($100 class fee + $50 materials fee) Join Now

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