Building Blocks of Scratch Board

In this two day workshop, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of scratchboard such as, what it is, how to make marks on the scratchboard, and how to develop a vocabulary of patterns and mark-making. We will explore how to create gray values, contrasts, and atmospheric perspective. Students of all levels are encouraged to attend as this will be a chance to focus on honing your skills as well as working towards a finished piece of scratchboard art. At the end of the workshop, students will leave with the confidence and “tool box” of skills to continue exploring scratchboard on their own.

All materials will be provided to students for a materials fee of $15.00 due at the beginning of class



Logan Parsons is a freelance artist and illustrator living in Santa Cruz. She graduated from the Science Illustration program at UCSC in 2007, and since then has been creating illustrations focused on science and nature while also working as a seasonal park ranger, environmental educator, and high school art teacher. She loves teaching all ages, and is excited to share her knowledge and experience with

One-Minute Drawing Class


Anyone can draw!  This enjoyable class is for you if you:

  • would like to be able to draw?
  • think that you don’t have any drawing talent?
  • haven’t drawn for years and would like to start again?
  • or want to brush up on your drawing skills

Drawing is easy when you discover one amazing secret. This class will provide a sequence of short exercises that will teach you how to draw and enjoy it, even with the most hectic schedule. You will learn to express your creativity drawing. The drawing exercises and instruction are fun and enjoyable.  During this day you will learn:

  • short drawing exercises
  • easy ways to practice drawing five minutes a day
  • the greatest drawing secret in the world
  • drawing fun for you, your friends and your children
  • simple yet impressive drawing techniques

A lot of choice material will be presented in this day of hands-on exercises designed for success.  No matter what your skill or background, this class will have you drawing and loving it in a matter of minutes.

** We recommend that students who plan on driving themselves arrive early for parking**


Instructor:  Robert Regis Dvorák has been making drawing and painting fun and easy to learn for the last 35 years. He is an artist and popular speaker on subjects of creativity in education and business.  He has authored and illustrated a number of books on drawing and watercolor painting subjects:  Travel Drawing and Painting, Drawing without Fear, Experiential Drawing, The Practice of Drawing as Meditation and The Pocket Drawing Book.

A materials fee of $15 includes:  Drawing paper, handouts and drawing materials.
















Instructor:  Robert Regis Dvorák has been making drawing and painting fun and easy to learn for the last 35 years. He is an artist and popular speaker on subjects of creativity in education and business.  He has authored and illustrated a number of books on drawing and watercolor painting subjects:  Travel Drawing and Painting, Drawing without Fear, Experiential Drawing, The Practice of Drawing as Meditation and The Pocket Drawing Book.

Beginning Floral Oil Painting

Working with the accomplished artist Thalia Stratton, students will be learning valuable fundamentals in the beautiful art of floral oil painting. She will cover important processes and techniques to help students in their understanding of crucial subjects such as, canvas preparation and composition of floral design and back ground. Thalia will also focus on educating students in the portrayal of light sources, defining values, color mixing, use of materials, and framing of their artwork. No drawing experience is required for this workshop.

Thalia will be providing all materials needed to students for a $35 materials fee, you are free to just come to class! Detailed list available by clicking blue“Materials List” link below.

If you do not need to purchase a kit, please notify the SCAL Education CoordinatorBEFORE 4/20/20




Thalia Stratton graduated with Honors & Distinction from the University of San Francisco/Academy of Art University 1989 with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art Degree in Fashion Illustration. She received a Master’s of Fine Arts in Painting from the Academy of Art University in 2010. She has taught at the college level since her graduation . Professional projects include illustrating for Givenchy-Paris, Neiman Marcus, Playboy Enterprises, the San Francisco Ballet and I. Magnin and Co. She has also developed product lines for the Wine Industry of Sonoma and Napa Valley.

Thalia works have been sold throughout the U.S and have been published in Gentry Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury News, American Art Collector, Southwest Art and Fine Art Connoisseur. She has won numerous awards and published two books, The Art of Dining and The Art of Dining :Epicurean Delights. She is a current member of the California Art Club in Pasadena, California and the Salmagundi Club in New York City, where she has also exhibited, and is a member of Oil Painters of America, where she has exhibited in both the National and Western Regional Juried exhibitions.

Assembly Required: Assemblage/Mixed Media Workshop

Learn to create unusual art pieces using recycled, found and reuse materials.

Day 1 (4/5/20, 10:00am-2:00pm): In-class discussion of process, design and construction. This class will also include a guided visit to a thrift store and hardware store in Capitola to search for materials, suitable for creating student’s assemblage pieces.

Day 2 (4/11/20, 10:00am-3:00pm): Students will focus on creating their piece in the classroom. 

I encourage you to bring your own materials. I will bring added materials for you to use for a material fee of $10. We will use electric drills, small saws, screws, wire and glue to construct.




Janet Silverglate has been an Assemblage/Mixed Media artist for the past seven years. She holds a BA in Art History/Dance and an MFA in Dance. She has participated in Open Studios for the past five years and has exhibited her artwork throughout Santa Cruz County. Janet has been curating art exhibitions for over 11 years and is an avid supporter of the arts in our community.

“I love the hunt for interesting material, the fun of design and the challenge of construction.”-Janet Silverglate



Get the Feel of it!: Creating a Highly Textured Canvas

“Student will learn how to get that highly textured canvas surface using common and uncommon materials!  A highly textured surface evokes the elements of earth and appeals to our sense of touch.  Let’s explore new ways to create textured surfaces and interact with them with sepia washes, scumbling, sanding and more! This workshop is limited to 12 students.  The focus of this workshop is learning to build a textured surface on canvas that students can take home to paint at their leisure, once dried.
NOTE TO PREVIOUS STUDENTS! Students who already have textured canvases from previous workshops are encouraged to bring them to class if they would like assistance in painting them. This class welcomes all levels of experience and is a dynamic setting that allows artists at different stages of creation of their textured canvases to congregate and work.”



Janet Trenchard has retired from teaching art in the public schools and now is a fulltime professional artist. She has been in juried exhibitions around the Bay Area and Carmel, and is a Santa Cruz Open Studios artist.

“I work in an abstract contemporary style and often work in large format for the physicality of it, and the sense of expansion. I enjoy the texture for the sense of touch, implied or real. My work is inspired by exploration and the interaction with materials. What’s coming through in my current work expresses the earth, geology, geography, and water.” -Janet Trenchard

Seascape Painting in Acrylic or Oil

In this Seascape painting class, Maggie will help each individual student elevate their own understanding of color and it’s dominate and supportive usage in creating an exciting composition.

• Learn how to understand water and waves in form, color temperature and value.

• Learn how to keep colors clean and fresh.

• Learn about focal points, composition, value, perspective, shapes and volumes, color, and edges.

• Learn how to use various color contrasts to push and pull compositional elements within a painting.

We will paint using personal or teacher supplied photos as reference. Maggie will guide you through the painting process step by step with demos and assist you in creating one painting during the class.

Acrylic or Oil (No Solvents or toxic mediums in class.)  All levels Welcome.



Maggie is a professional painter specializing in Seascapes in Oil and Acrylics. Her work appeared in international publications  ‘The Artist’s Magazine’ and has numerous Best of Show and International Awards. With over 40 years of experience working in Acrylic and Oil, Maggie has enjoyed teaching it for almost two decades. She teaches all skill levels from the inexperienced beginner to the professional wanting more in their work, or to try a new medium.

Students: “After working with Maggie, my work has taken a huge leap forward” “delightful teaching, clear and patient.” 

Maggie received her Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Art: Illustration, Painting & Design at SJSU, Advanced Painting studies at ‘Lorenzo de Medici’ Art Institute in Florence, Italy and studies with various contemporary Master Painters. 

Maggie is a well known painting teacher who teaches locally and in Tuscany, Italy regularly. A long time Open Studios Artist and Gallery Represented Painter, Maggie’s work is exhibited and collected internationally.

Take it Outside: Pastels in Plein Air (Studio 119 @ Tannery Arts Center)

Come discover the joys of landscape painting with the exciting medium of soft pastel. Pastels are vibrant, immediate, quite forgiving and ideal for taking on location. In this two-day workshop we will focus on value, color, and composition. The class will begin at the Tannery Arts Center, and then we’ll carpool to a nearby natural area, weather permitting. In case of bad weather we will work indoors from reference material. We’ll spend time observing and learning to really see how light affects a scene, and practice methods for quickly recording changing light. Each day will include demos, time at the easel, group critique and lots of personal attention. Designed for students who have some experience either with soft pastels or working outdoors in another medium.












Erika Perloff is a landscape painter based in Santa Cruz, California. Her love of the landscape is rooted in her background in biology and natural history and years working as an outdoor educator, park ranger, and naturalist. Her unique perspective as a plein air painter combines her knowledge of the flora and fauna with her love of painting. Erika has been fortunate to study with some of the world’s preeminent pastel and oil painters, and has been painting and teaching art to adults and children for many years. She particularly enjoys working en plein air, and helping students learn to paint what they see from their own artistic viewpoint. Her work hangs in many private collections and public spaces and her award winning paintings are shown in galleries, juried shows and solo exhibits.

Flower Power (Studio 119 @ Tannery Arts Center)

Welcome blooming artists to this floral themed painting workshop taught by Carrie Clayden. Carrie is excited to be teaching her favorite theme: Flowers!

I encourage you to bring 3-5 canvases (minimum) and expect to leave with many finished paintings! I will demo how to build layers, use our hands for flowers and stabilo pencils for stems. We will dance and play listening to Carrie’s awesome playlist, and break for a delicious lunch. I thought it would be fun to have a potluck, everyone sharing their favorite dish. This experience is always a gift to yourself and your art. Everyone leaves happy and with paintings they can hang in their home. You receive valuable techniques you can implement into your art process while having FUN making art. What could be better?



Instructor: Carrie Clayden is a professional artist and teacher. Carrie graduated from UCSC in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies and Fine Art in 1995. Her studio is in downtown Santa Cruz and her work can be found on her website





*This class is being held at the Tannery Arts Center in Studio 119, NOT at the Art League*

Components of Landscape in Watercolor

This one day workshop will include studies of the most basic elements/features found in landscape paintings. We will paint, trees, shrubs, hills, mountains, skies and water. We will improve our skills and knowledge of the creation of depth in our work. Our discussion will also include  what makes for good composition when painting the landscape in watercolor.



“Jo-Neal was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and has taught for more than 40 years. She attended what is now called Cal State University East Bay. Although retired from teaching high school in Santa Cruz, California, she is still teaching…adults. She studied fresco painting and restoration as well as oil painting and restoration in Florence, Italy as part of her preparation for teaching art. Teaching at the secondary level encouraged her to add to her repertoire a variety of media. She remains the eternal student! 

(LIVE ONLINE) The Value of Grisaille Underpainting

I this live online workshop Create a lovely painting using layers of watercolor in the historical grisaille value under-painting method, while also developing wet-in-wet, wet-on-dry, and glazing painting techniques in this info-dense workshop. So park your brushes here and discover the Value of Grisaille, an amazing technique that will enhance your rendering in any medium! Suitable for beginning to advanced artists.











How does it work?:

  1. Before class starts, students will set up their work areas comfortably at home in front of their device.
  2. 15 minutes before the start of the class, Hajra will email a private YouTube livestream link to all students enrolled.
  3. At the start time of the class, students click the provided link to be connected to the live workshop.
  4. Students will follow along with Hajra and have their questions addressed in real time by typing them into the comments section during class.
  5. Enjoy and learn!
  6. After class, students are welcomed to text or email Hajra images of their work to receive feedback via email or over the phone!

This Class is taught through YouTube Livestream


Hajra Meeks is an Author-Illustrator, fine artist, and Lecturer from the Bay Area. She has a BSc in Physics from the Univ. of San Francisco, an MSc in International History from the London School of Economics & Political Science, and a Picture Book Certificate from the MA program at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. She was a Lecturer in Art History, International History, and Calculus at UC Merced for 4 years, and has taught watercolor, gouache, and ink in-person and online for a decade. Her Youtube channel currently has 1.5 million views, her art has been in exhibitions in Union City, Mariposa, Vermont, Santa Clara, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and Merced (where it was viewed by First Lady Michelle Obama), and she had a successfully funded online Kickstarter campaign for an environmentalist picture book about the real wolf OR-7. She also collaborates on digital, interactive Data Visualization projects that combine art and information. Currently, she’s teaching at SCAL, SCMNH, and via Patreon. You can learn more about her artwork and instruction at