Sketching with Watercolor, Pen & Ink

Watercolor and pen and ink are the perfect portable media through which any setting can become a springboard for a creative sketch. Our first sketch will begin in the classroom where Bonni will demonstrate melding water-soluble ink with watercolor. Weather permitting, we will compose a second piece outdoors. This one day workshop is appropriate for all levels. It is recommended that you bring a sack lunch. For more of Bonni’s work, please visit her website at




The Power of Monotype

Watercolor Monotype is a wonderful alternative process for painters. Monotypes always have a chance factor which makes the process exciting and often adds an element of mystery. It is this transformative aspect that unleashes an unusual high level of spontaneous creativity. The most common response when we pull the print is “Wow!”…it’s usually a total surprise, nothing like what we thought and usually even better than we imagined it would be. It also is a relatively fast process in comparison to pure painting. Using Hot Press water color paper will give students the option to continue to build on their print using watercolor if desired as seen below.

Anouk will start the workshop with up to an hour of demos of various techniques and approaches. At the end there will be a constructive Group Critique and/or Feedback of students work. Students are encouraged to bring personal images to work from. There will be inspirational Hand Outs for all participants as well.

Please do not feel overwhelmed by the length of the materials list, many of the items you may already have! For questions regarding materials list, email



Anouk Johanna is a local artist who grew up in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and is an accomplished painter, pen and ink artist, ceramic sculptor, print maker and scrimshaw artist whose work has been sold nationally and internationally for more than 35 years to private collectors, through shows and her website as well as through galleries.

Achieving Exciting Visual Effects with Water Media (Studio 119 @ The Tannery)

This workshop is designed to help jump start your creativity. You will learn how to paint with more drama, distance, and visual excitement by combining water media such as, watercolor, acrylic and water soluble oil paint on the same surface. Also, by adding complementary under- painting you can create optic vibration. An added plus is that you can save money by creating watercolor paintings (and other water media) that won’t need matting, glazing or framing. All materials needed will be provided by the instructor for a small material fee of $10.00 due at the beginning of the first class. Please bring a sack lunch.


Linda Curtis has a BFA from the Philadelphia College of Art. She is a Signature Member of the California Watercolor Association (CWA) and the Internal Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP). She also is an Open Studios artist. Her work is included in the book, Painting In Acrylics by Lorena Kloostervoer. Linda’s water media works have been accepted into numerous statewide, national and international exhibits. She’s been delightedly teaching watercolor on cruise ships sailing around the world and has done workshops and demonstrations for Bay Area arts associations. She is an enthusiastic instructor and painter. Please feel free to visit her website at: 



*This class is being held at the Tannery Arts Center in Studio 119, NOT at the Art League*

Golden Age Masters Study 1: Alphonse Mucha

For this Golden Age Masters study, students will be focusing on the ever popular Alphonse Mucha for this first Master class! This Golden Age, Art Nouveau icon combined realism with stylization that can be modified for the use of watercolor, gouache, or ink mediums very readily. Hajra’s workshops are rooted in technique as well as art history. This will be a fun and insightful workshop, not to be missed. A detailed syllabus is available linked to the “Materials List” below.





Hajra Meeks is an Author-Illustrator, fine artist, and lecturer  who recently moved from the Bay Area to Santa Cruz. She has a BSc in Physics from the Univ. of San Francisco, an MSc in International History from the London School of Economics & Political Science, and a Picture Book Certificate from the MA program at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. She was a Lecturer in Art History, International History, and Calculus at UC Merced for 4 years, and has taught watercolor, gouache, and ink in-person and online (via Youtube, Patreon, and Skillshare) for a decade. Her Youtube channel currently has 1.5 million views, her art has been in exhibitions in Union City, Mariposa, Vermont, Santa Clara, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and Merced (where it was viewed by First Lady Michelle Obama), and she had a successfully funded online Kickstarter campaign for an environmentalist picture book about the real wolf OR-7. She also collaborates on digital, interactive Data Visualization projects that combine art and information. You can learn more about her artwork and instruction at Students can email her at for questions and input regarding their class projects.

The Magic of Monet

Come loosen up and have fun with Carrie Clayden in this one day workshop. Carrie has been to Monet’s house and gardens and will bring inspiration pictures for us to paint. She has students of all levels, even beginners, so if you are wanting to give painting a try, she is your teacher. We will use multiple canvases, lots of fun warm ups, and dance to Carrie’s amazing play list. We can enjoy a potluck lunch in the Art League Gallery, while chatting about our art. This one day workshop is a rare gem, so mark your calendars. You will leave with many finished paintings to keep or give to family and friends.


“I’m so grateful for Carrie’s class, and I can’t wait to take it again. Her class was not only fun but it helped me connect to my soul. She reignited my love affair with paint by encouraging me and pushing me to get past my creative block and doubts. Her class is personally rewarding, Carrie fosters a community of supportive artists that cheer each other on.” -Illana Ingber


“I learned how to splash, drip, push and pull paint, we had so much fun! I mostly learned that there is zero pressure in class! In fact, “Mistakes” turned out to be happy accidents! I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn, have fun and let go in Carrie’s classes! My paintings are so much better and most of all I am having fun!” -Kari Schratz


Instructor: Carrie Clayden is a professional artist and teacher. Carrie graduated from UCSC in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies and Fine Art in 1995.


Drawing Foundations

This course is an introduction to drawing. We will cover the fundamentals, including contour line, form and modeling using a variety of media. You will learn techniques to improve your observational drawing skills and will find that as your abilities improve, your perception of the world around you will as well…in a good way!


“Jo-Neal was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and has taught for more than 40 years. She attended what is now called Cal State University East Bay. Although retired from teaching high school in Santa Cruz, California, she is still teaching…adults. She studied fresco painting and restoration as well as oil painting and restoration in Florence, Italy as part of her preparation for teaching art. Teaching at the secondary level encouraged her to add to her repertoire a variety of media. She remains the eternal student! 
















Introduction to Oil Painting

This is a beginning landscape painting class using photographs as visual reference.  Instructor will provide photograph and demonstrate the process of oil painting step by step. Students will learn palette organization, color mixing, composition, paint application, brush control, and much, much more!  Plenty of questions will be answered by  instructor during demonstration.  This will be a loose and painterly approach to oil painting.  Students can expect to finish a painting in class.


Instructor Barbara Bailey-Porter holds a Masters of Fine Art, has been an Open Studio artist and has maintained a professional painting studio for well over 20 years. She has taught at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, through Cabrillo and DeAnza Colleges, and in the elementary schools in the past. She works in her studio as well as en plein air. Barbara’s work is in various private and corporate collections in the US and abroad.













TEXTURE! Get the Feel of it!

Learn how to get that highly textured surface using common and uncommon materials!  A highly textured surface evokes the elements of earth and appeals to our sense of touch.  Let’s explore new ways to create textured surfaces and interact with them with sepia washes, scumbling, sanding and more! This workshop is limited to 12 students.


Janet Trenchard has retired from teaching art in the public schools and now is a fulltime professional artist. She has been in juried exhibitions around the Bay Area and Carmel, and is a Santa Cruz Open Studios artist.





Janet Trenchard, Artist’s Statement:

I work in an abstract contemporary style, and often work large for the physicality of it, and the sense of expansion.

I enjoy texture for the sense of touch, implied or real. My work is inspired by exploration and the interaction with materials.

What’s coming through in my current work expresses the earth, geology, geography, water.

Make your Mark with Pastels; Beginner’s Pastel Workshop (Studio 119 @ The Tannery)

Join Donna Theresa, for an introductory workshop for the absolute beginner and for those with some experience, and dive into the world of soft pastels!

This class will introduce student to soft pastels as a medium. We will focus on the handling and mark making of these vibrant and accessible art making tools! Students will learn about types of pastels available as well as supports one can use for their creations. Students can work from a variety of reference photos to complete their artwork. This class will include an Introduction to color theory, value study, and composition as well. Demonstrations and individual attention will be provided to each student to ensure an exciting and enjoyable experience.






Donna Theresa is a former nurse, now fine artist living in Santa Cruz. Donna works mostly in landscapes but recently is inspired by figures in nature and still life.Although mostly self-taught, she has also taken instruction from master pastel artist, Marla Baggetta. She has juried into a number national and international pastel exhibitions to date and continues to compete at this level. Viewing life through artist’s eyes has brought her great joy. It is with gratitude that she shares this joy with you



*This class is being held at the Tannery Arts Center in Studio 119, NOT at the Art League*


Introduction to Natural Dyeing, From A(vocados) to Z(innias) (Location Studio 119 @ The Tannery)

Pink from avocados? Yellow from zinnias? Natural dyeing means extracting dyes from organic sources and using them to color fibers. In this 4-hour class, students will prepare their wool skeins to accept and retain these plant-based colors, then learn how to make dyes from vegetable scraps, wilted flowers, yard prunings and weeds from the roadside. We will discuss equipment needed to dye safely and make color sample cards with notes of the process we used. Each student will leave with naturally dyed wool yarn from each dye pot, a folder with handouts containing class notes, recipes for dyes and mordants, Internet resources and a sample page for each dye pot with colored yarns. Wear clothes for working in the studio, though an apron is always a good idea. All materials will be provided.

Kris holds a BS in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin-Millwaukee and a MS in Science Education from Oregon State University. She has taught numerous textile workshops for the Santa Cruz Knitting Guild, Carmel Crafts Guild, Santa Cruz Natural History Museum and the Santa Cruz Textile Arts Guild as well as teaching at local middle schools for 25 years. Kris uses her natural dyed yarns in her hand-woven rugs and knitted garments.

*This class is being held at the Tannery Arts Center in Studio 119, NOT at the Art League*