ON SITE Pastel Painting July 2022

The perfect way to start the weekend… Loosen up and have fun with pastels!  Using expressive marks and color we will paint vibrant landscapes and still life. The essentials of pastel painting will be covered including approaches and methods of application, pastels from hard to soft, surface possibilities, color theory and under painting. Demos, problem solving, and lots of individual instruction are included. This class is appropriate for both beginners in pastel and those who are experienced with the medium. Just bring whatever pastels you may have and explore the possibilities of this versatile medium!

Art Outside Kids Camp – August 2022

Join artist Linda Cover for a week of fun, creativity, and artistic growth this summer. Campers get to explore the Art League gardens and experiment with the artistic process. Every day will be a new exploration. On the last day of class, young artists will have an exhibition for their families and friends, before taking their projects home, to celebrate the artistic achievements of each participant.

Linda Cover, a SPECTRA teaching artist, has taught in schools throughout Santa Cruz County and at the Tannery Arts Center, for many years. She has received multiple educator awards, and her students have received numerous national, international, and local awards for their work.

Camp 2: Mon, August 1 – Fri, August 5
Morning Session 9am-12pm
Afternoon Session 1-4pm

Note: For campers who wish to participate in BOTH sessions, the Lunch Hour (12-1PM) will have childcare and an outside picnic area.

Each session will be small with only 7 students. Ages 7yrs. and up.

Camp Fees
$300 per week
SCAL Members can apply their member discount at checkout

Fees are refundable if requested 3 business days before the start of the camp ($25 processing fee applies). Please contact us at admin@scal.org.

The Santa Cruz Art League has the right to cancel the camp, in which case fees are 100% refundable. Registration is not transferable.

(On Site) Impressionist Landscapes in Oils and Acrylics (June – July)

You can paint impressionist landscapes! 

Impressionism is one the most beloved styles of painting. It’s playful, passionate, and just plain fun! Toaa  Dallo will explain and demonstrate the impressionist approach to painting. We will use time-honored methods to explore the key issues of composition and color, structure and brushwork, style and storytelling  — with an emphasis on fun. 

Students will learn about concepts and techniques through brief guided exercises, including small-scale  studies, and will then apply these lessons in extended sessions, using their preferred medium. Toaa will  provide lots of interesting images to choose from, but students are encouraged to bring pictures of their own  to paint. In the final sessions, students will focus on one or two paintings, developing them to completion.  Toaa will be painting along with the group, demonstrating and encapsulating the lessons for each session.  And everyone will be invited to share their work with the group, for a friendly session of feedback and  constructive critiquing.

Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination.


(ONSITE) Watercolor Thursdays (June-July 2022 )

This class is geared to facilitate those who have never painted and those who have advanced their skills. Most class sessions will include a demo and then time to work on the elements of the demo. Information on materials, including colors and “gimmicks”, and tools is given throughout the six-week period. The goal of this class is to encourage the joy of painting, while improving skills and knowledge. This is a “fun” class, so bring a sense of humor and whatever materials you have and enjoy.

Instructor Linda Lord is a self-trained artist and illustrator with over 16 years teaching experience in her studio and via the SC Watercolor Society; an Open Studio artist whose exhibitions include Cozumel, Mexico. Linda also publishes with a decorative art publisher.

Download Materials List

ON SITE Pastel Painting May 2022

The perfect way to start the weekend… Loosen up and have fun with pastels!  Using expressive marks and color we will paint vibrant landscapes and still life. The essentials of pastel painting will be covered including approaches and methods of application, pastels from hard to soft, surface possibilities, color theory and under painting. Demos, problem solving, and lots of individual instruction are included. This class is appropriate for both beginners in pastel and those who are experienced with the medium. Just bring whatever pastels you may have and explore the possibilities of this versatile medium!

(LIVE ONLINE) Art Topics: Color & Contrast


Have you ever wondered how Monet created such amazing sunset colors? Toaa Dallo will be your guide on a visual journey through important topics in art, in this unique Art Appreciation/Art History CLASS designed for art-makers and art-lovers.

We will explore examples of art through time, from many artists, with the benefit of visual tools and computer technology that can bring the world of art and history to our desktops, laptops, and tablets. We will examine in depth the theories behind effective visual communication. And we will consider the useful rules and guidelines that we can deduce, with an emphasis on applying these concepts to our own artwork or art appreciation.

Toaa Dallo began his career as a professional artist at the age of 16, with a series of theatrical portrait commissions in Southern California. He studied art at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and graduated with honors in 1983.

Working primarily in oil on canvas and pencil on paper, Toaa has pursued portraiture as a specialty. He has also developed a body of work called Mindscapes, fanciful landscapes of spectacular extraterrestrial vistas. His work is included in many private and corporate collections and has been seen in art shows and galleries principally in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Palm Springs.

As an instructor, Toaa has offered classes and intensive workshops at his Santa Cruz art studios since 1994 and has also given numerous lectures and demonstrations for art clubs and organizations. In 2012 he began teaching classes and all-day workshops at Palace Art in Capitola, where he worked with more than a thousand students of all ages, interests, and needs.

Toaa believes that teaching is a vital function that connects the past and the future, and he considers it to be one of the most important mandates for any serious professional in the arts.


Life Drawing Analysis of Form

Sketching the figure from life is the surest way to add vitality to your artistic expression.  In this four week session we will improve our depiction of the human form using the concepts of Chiaroscuro. We will practice several techniques to gracefully render light and shadow using charcoal, graphite, and pastel.  Each class we will draw from the live nude model, then follow up with an at-home assignment to copy a master figure drawing to better understand various artist techniques in handling our mediums, composing our drawings, and directing our focus.

This class is for both beginners and experienced artists interested in getting back into the classroom and adding fresh skills to their working method.  Workshop attendees are encouraged to follow up with a series course and/or drop-in life drawing.


  • 4-8 sheets of Canson Mi-Tientes “Moonstone” toned gray paper

  • Newsprint for warm up drawing and practicing shading techniques

  • Willow, vine, or Nitram soft charcoal (erasable)

  • 2-4 Soft compressed charcoal pencils (General’s 6B or Faber Castell Pitt soft)

  • 1-2 Medium compressed charcoal pencil (General’s 2B)

  • Soft pastel white, cream, and/or light skin color

  • Prospek Proportional Divider (or purchase for $10 from instructor)

  • Artists chamois

  • 2 kneaded erasers and detail eraser pencil

(LIVE ONLINE) New Adventures in Watercolor


This is a new online watercolor workshop experience. You will learn exciting ways to put more feeling, interest, and emotion into your watercolor paintings like Chiaroscuro, Tenebrism, Halation, reflections, imaginative skies, and so much more. You will watch Robert up close as he demonstrates these new adventures.

You will also learn:

  • how to use value studies and powerful compositional arrangements,
  • how to enrich your paintings with exciting color contrasts,
  • the elements and principles of good design,
  • how to paint with feeling
  • how to direct your viewers eye,
  • the importance of a focal area and where to put it,
  • how and when to paint lost and found edges,
  • how to excite your audience,
  • and much more.


Along with Robert’s enthusiasm, and these new adventures, you will learn to let go and enjoy creative watercolor painting. Intermediate and accomplished watercolor painters will like these new adventures in painting.


In each session you will complete one or more painting exercises. You will see examples and watch detailed explanations of the different painting adventures. Robert will look at each person’s creative endeavors and give valuable feedback.


Robert will bring to this class the same enthusiasm and energy you have experienced in his classroom workshops. You will gain from this workshop a new enthusiasm for watercolor painting and many suggestions to bring more life and energy in your painting expressions.


Materials required:

A #10 or #12 round brush. Or a Chinese calligraphy brush about the same size. Chinese calligraphy brushes and Sable hair brushes hold more water than the synthetic brushes.

A 3/4” or 1” flat watercolor brush. Or a 1” Hake brush.

A watercolor palette filled with watercolor paint.

Colors can be what you have but you must have some black. Robert will be using: Permanent Rose or Alizarine Crimson, Vermillion, Azo yellow (Aureolin), Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna, Cobalt Blue, Phthalocyanine Blue or Prussian Blue, Hookers Green or Viridian Green, Burnt Sienna. You don’t have to have all these colors, but you will need black. Burnt Umber, Alizarin Crimson, Lemon Yellow are also good colors to have. I am not a fan of the Cadmiums.

A couple of No. 2 HB or 2B pencils (sharp), a cotton rag, some tissues.

A kneaded eraser.

One full sheet of 140# cold pressed watercolor paper torn down to 8– 7.5” x 11” sheets and a backing board or one watercolor block 8” x 10” or 9” x 12”.

A water container–an empty peanut butter jar or a yogurt container will work fine.

A mouth atomizer–available from art suppliers and a small plastic cup or shot glass.

A wooden skewer.

Some crayons. A small box of 6 to 12 colors is fine.

A spray bottle with water.

Some salt.

Some sheets of copy paper.

Some masking tape.

A plastic card, (door key or old credit card),

A scissors.

A knife. A pocket knife, a utility knife, or an Xacto knife.

Some heavy white paper for mounting paintings–will discuss in first class.

Instructor:  Robert Regis Dvorák has been making drawing and painting fun and easy to learn for 35 years. A California artist and keynote speaker on subjects of life and creativity, He has authored: A Book About Nothing, Travel Drawing and Painting, Drawing without Fear, The Magic of Drawing, Experiential Drawing, The Practice of Drawing as Meditation, The Pocket Drawing Book, and articles on drawing and watercolor painting in American Artist Magazine and Watercolor Magazine. He has a bachelors degree from the University of Illinois and a Masters degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

(LIVE ONLINE) Bring Nature to Life in Pen, Ink, and Watercolor

Textures we see in nature can be recreated with a few pen strokes and well placed dashes and dots. The boldness of pen lines along with ink line textures and shading techniques are powerful tools to represent nature. Add some watercolor techniques and textures and you can bring any nature subject to life at its glorious best.

This class will let you in on many amazing ways to draw and paint nature. It is a perfect class for people who want to do nature journaling–going out in a natural setting and recording discoveries and thoughts. You will learn how to paint stones, rocks, wood grain, bark textures, animals–eyes, fur, feathers–water reflections, birch trees, evergreen trees, deciduous trees, oak trees, birds, small animals, leaves and plants.

Enhance your next outing in nature by recording your discoveries in pen, ink and watercolor.


(ON SITE) Beginning Pastel Painting

Come and learn all about the exciting world of pastels! In this 4 day workshop we will cover basic drawing and pastel painting techniques, the beauty of the pure pigment of pastels, materials, color theory and so much more. We will paint together following demonstrations with this vibrant and expressive medium.You’ll get lots of positive feedback and coaching.