(LIVE ONLINE) Essential Acrylic Techniques

Learn acrylic painting in the comfort of your own home. We’ll use the Zoom videoconferencing system for this online painting class. The online class will have slideshow presentations, painting demos, paint along with Wayne, and critiques. Students will have access to download a video file of the painting demo to refer to later so they can paint along at home at their own pace.

This class is designed for anyone who is a beginner to acrylic. Acrylic is an incredibly versatile medium. It can be used in illustrated journals, textured abstract paintings, or traditional portrait paintings. Learning the essential techniques of acrylic painting can help improve any art project.

Topics and exercises include:

  • Mixing colors
    • Transitioning to acrylic from other mediums
    • Preparing painting surfaces for acrylic painting
    • Blending and brush stroke techniques
    • How to create a focal point using hard and soft edges
    • How to create subtle colors using a limited color palette
    • How to apply simple art theory and composition knowledge to improve your paintings

Students are responsible for knowing how to log into Zoom. Be sure to test logging in before the first class session. Students also need to know how to send email attachments of photos of their painting so they can receive feedback from the instructor.

(LIVE ONLINE Sundays) Going Wild with Abstract Figurative Work

“Going Wild with Abstract Figurative Work,” is designed for painters who would like to loosen up, find the spirit of a figure, and learn why Mystery is the bones of a painting – and how to create it and deepen it.

Participants are not going to be concerned with the “correctness” of the figure. Instead, through a process of exploration and discovery, they will search for feelings and emotion.

Using layering, values, texture, line, and brushwork, participants will create an emotional resonance with the viewer. Working in a constant state of experimentation, stretching outside of our comfort zone, they will push into new territory.

If you feel ready for a wild ride with Abstract Figurative Work, this workshop will help you trust your intuition and the process.

(LIVE ONLINE) Mindful Drawing

The purpose of this workshop is to learn to become more mindful in our daily life through the relaxing process of making drawings in fun, imaginative and creative ways. You will not only learn to draw well but also learn to practice habits that will help you control your mental focus and to attention.  You will make drawings in a relaxed, conscious, and aware state that is optimum for the drawing experience–a state similar to meditation–a state of restful alertness. Mindful drawing and meditation are mutually beneficial for physical, mental, spiritual and creative growth. You will learn to relax, have fun, and be present as you draw without an agenda for success and the fear of failure. You will find that drawing can become pure enjoyment.  Some of the many benefits of this workshop are:

  • Improved drawing skill
  • New drawing techniques
  • A sense of peace
  • Focused attention-mindfulness
  • Finding your creative voice
  • Seeing with the heart and hand
  • Stillness of being

Through a variety of fascinating methods and subjects you will experience how easy and enjoyable drawing can be in this new and innovative workshop.


Materials:  A  12” x 9” drawing pad or 11” x 8.5” #80 paper. Recommend a Big Grip Rollerball Pen .7mm, Pilot Precise V5 pen .5mm, Higgins Non-waterproof India Ink, a B5 Speedball pen point and holder, a watercolor brush #10 or #12 or a Chinese Calligraphy Brush. Black and white handouts will be emailed and students will be required to print them out and have them for each session.

Instructor:  Robert Regis Dvorák, an artist and popular speaker on subjects of creativity in business and education, has been teaching drawing and watercolor painting for 28  years.  He has authored five books on drawing and watercolor painting:  Travel Drawing and Painting, Drawing Without Fear, The Magic of Drawing, Experiential Drawing, and The Practice of Drawing As Meditation.


(LIVE ONLINE) Portraits in Watercolor


You can learn to paint a portrait in watercolor. If you have always wanted to be able to paint portraits in watercolor with success join this workshop!  Most people who try painting portraits don’t know how to begin, and end up practicing the wrong way.  In this workshop you will learn good habits that will give you hours of fun and increase your ability, every time you paint a portrait. Robert will demonstrate:

  • easy to remember portrait proportions,
  • the best approach for painting a watercolor portrait,
  • which colors to apply first, second, etc.
  • what colors to use for different skin tones,
  • how to keep your paintings fresh and glowing,
  • what colors to use for the shade and shadow for the different skin tones.
  • How to paint the eyes and mouth so that they look alive.

No matter what your skill or background, this class will have you painting watercolor portraits with satisfaction in no time.

Materials: 2 HB No. 2 pencils, a kneaded eraser, watercolor paper 140# cold pressed, brushes–#10 or #12. or a Chinese calligraphy brush, a cotton rag. a watercolor palette. Bring to the first workshop at least two color photos to paint.

Instructor:  Robert Regis Dvorák, has been making drawing and painting fun and easy to learn for 35 years. He s the author of  the  books: Drawing Without Fear, Experiential Drawing, Travel  Drawing and  Painting, The Practice of Drawing as Meditation and The Pocket Drawing Book.

(LIVE ONLINE) Seascapes in Watercolor

This 6 week Online series class is a follow up and extension of the previously offered, Landscapes in Watercolor course. The course will offer students the opportunity to explore an expanded watercolor palette and technique repertoire. Crashing ocean waves, sea bluffs, rocky coastlines, serene beach scenes, boats and floats and more!

Separate Zoom Critique sessions to be scheduled.

Materials List:



Brushes: Bring your favorite watercolor brushes, we can work with what you have. If you are new to watercolor, a decent selection that includes the following would be helpful: 1 inch flat, 1⁄2 inch flat, #12 round, #8 round, #6 round. Good quality synthetic brushes are fine. For the smaller brushes, make sure they have a good sharp point.

Palette: 12 x 16inch plastic watercolor palette with a cover is highly suggested. Can be found at most art supply stores, as well as online.

Arches 140lb paper, Cold Pressed, either sheets (cut in half) or blocks (10 x 14 inch maximum) Artists tape
Masking fluid – Fine Line and/or Pebeo Drawing Gum (will discuss both in class)

Paints in tubes:
• Ultramarine Blue
• Cerulean Blue
• Quinacridone Gold
• Quinacridone Burnt Orange
• Hansa Yellow Medium
• Yellow Ochre
• Pyrrol Scarlet
• Permanent Alizarin Crimson
• Burnt Umber or Van Dyke Brown
• Burnt Sienna
• Indigo (Daniel Smith)
• Undersea Green (Daniel Smith),
• Phthalo Blue Turquoise (Daniel Smith) • Goethite brown ochre (Daniel Smith)

2 water containers – recycled yogurt containers work great Spray bottle

Paper towels Sponge

(LIVE ONLINE) Introduction to Gouache

Gouache is an under-appreciated watercolor medium that has amazing versatility and can transcend the boundaries of many other mediums. It can wash like watercolor, blend like an opaque oil, and dry brush like acrylic. In this series class, each week Cynthia will provide an- depth look into the nature and versatility of gouache.

Offering a variety of techniques that capitalize on gouache strengths, while mitigating challenges, students will come away with a deepened understanding of gouache handling capabilities. Instruction, demos, in class exercises and homework assignments will explore it’s many strengths, from reintroducing lights (highlights) and delicious velvety matte finish, to intensely rich pigments and luscious handling.

Separate critique sessions to be scheduled for review of homework.

Materials List:

Gouache in tubes:

• Permanent White • Cadmium yellow • Yellow ochre
• Cadmium red

• Alizarin crimson • Spectrum violet • Ultramarine blue • Cerulean blue

• Burnt umber • Burnt sienna

Other colors will be introduced to tempt you…but the above list will get you where you need to go.

Brands suggested: Winsor Newton, M.Graham, Schminke, Holbein (NOT the Acryla Gouache!)

140 lb cold press watercolor block (any size up to 9 x12), Or Cottonwood Arts laminated cold press boards (available online at cottonwoodarts.com)

Watercolor/acrylic brushes: #8 pointed round, 1/2 & 1 inch flats; selection of various size brushes for detail work (will discuss in class first day).

(LIVE ONLINE) Travel Drawing & Painting

Drawing and while traveling is fun and will increase your perception and enjoyment. Now you can practice travel drawing and painting at home. In this class we are going to do painting some virtual traveling with our sketch books. You will practice simple techniques for drawing and painting using black and white and color travel images and other methods. Learn to make your future travel experiences fun and enjoyable and come home with some creative treasures!

This workshop will show you how to:

  • quickly draw people, architecture, water, trees, and landscape.
  • simplify your material—capture essence.
  • prepare, pack, what materials to bring.
  • be comfortable and relaxed sketching and painting in public.
  • draw and paint in cafes, restaurants, on the street, on a cruise, on airplanes and boats.
  • draw and paint in public with or without discovery.

You will practice simple techniques for drawing and painting in the workshop using projected color travel images and other methods. Make your future travel experiences satisfying and unforgettable!

Recommended Materials: The Pocket Drawing Pad 4X5, The Pocket Drawing Book and a Bic Grip Roller pen. Available from Mr. Dvorak. Send a check for $31 for total including shipping to: R. R. Dvorak, 5825 Annrud Way, Sacramento, CA 95822 or go to www.youcreate.com and click on books and pay with PayPal. You will also need a travel watercolor set, an HB No. 2 pencil and a watercolor brush or Chinese calligraphy brush, a water container and a cotton rag.

Instructor:  Robert Regis Dvorák is an artist and keynote speaker on creativity. He has been conducting drawing and painting workshops for 35 years. He is the author of a number of books on drawing and painting: Drawing Without Fear, The Pocket Drawing Book, Experiential Drawing, The Practice of Drawing as Meditation and Travel Drawing and Painting.

(LIVE ONLINE) Experiential Drawing

Experiential Drawing is a revolutionary drawing method that transcends technical rules. You will learn to draw using your creative experience. Want to learn to draw? Or would you like to let go of tight drawing habits?  Experiential Drawing is for beginners, artists, and teachers who want to learn an approach to drawing that will guide you to new levels of creativity and awareness through the experience of drawing. In a safe non-competitive environment you will learn to:

  • Express yourself drawing with imagination and skill
  • Draw decisively
  • Draw quickly and effortlessly from your experience
  • Master the Zen-like ability to be present as you draw
  • How to practice drawing for a lifetime of enjoyment

This is a non-judgmental drawing workshop outlined in Mr. Dvorak’s book, Experiential Drawing. Many of the exercises are innovative and unusual; others employ new applications to methods familiar to some artists. Those with no drawing skills as well as those who draw and would like to move more deeply into their artistic processes are welcome. This is not an ordinary drawing course.

Materials required: Drawing sketch pad or drawing paper 9” x 12” or 8 1/2” x 11” (at least #80). A speedball B5 calligraphy pen point and holder, one bottle of Higgins Non-waterproof India Ink, a Bic Grip Roller pen or a Varsity Pen (or equal). A Pilot Precise V5 pen. A 2B pencil and a Kneaded eraser. A watercolor brush #10 or #12 or a Chinese Calligraphy brush. (Robert uses a CC2 Chinese Calligraphy brush by Yasutomo.)

Instructor:  Robert Regis Dvorák is an artist and keynote speaker on creativity. He has been conducting drawing and painting workshops for 35 years. He is the author of a number of books on drawing and painting: Drawing Without Fear, The Pocket Drawing Book, Experiential Drawing, The Practice of Drawing as Meditation and Travel Drawing and Painting.

(LIVE ONLINE) Watercolor Landscapes Session 2

This skill builder course is open to painters of all experience levels looking to better familiarize or advance their application of landscape views with watercolors. Participants will have the opportunity to build on their drawing skills, develop composition planning, and learn principles for simplifying and editing the landscape. Working with fluid color and expressive brushstrokes students will create landscape paintings full of life and energy.

Covered in the course:

  • Working with reference photos to compose a landscape painting
  • Editing using values as your guide
  • Color theory for vibrant colors
  • Using a variety of painting techniques to build a painting
  • Painting expressive skies
  • Painting demonstrations showing how Cynthia paints skies, trees, water
  1. Each enrolled student will receive a Zoom invitation and password the day before each class session.
    2. Students will be able to ask questions in real-time during the lecture and demo.
    3. A video recording of the class session will be posted to Dropbox with a link sent to each student to view at any time afterward in order to do the assignments.
  2. A separate Zoom meeting will be scheduled for Sundays for students to present work for live critique and feedback.

(LIVE ONLINE) Portrait Drawing, the Easy Way


You can easily learn to draw a portrait.  Don’t waste your time trying to learn to draw portraits from a book, or an expensive on-line course, the slow way—practicing bad habits that will frustrate and disappoint you.

If you have always wanted to be able to draw portraits of friends and family, know that your lack of success is not because you don’t have talent or artistic ability, or because you don’t practice enough.  Most people who try to draw faces practice the wrong way.  In this workshop you will learn how to do amazing drawings of faces.  You will surprise your friends and family and most important yourself.

You will learn the basics of portrait drawing—the good habits that will give you hours of fun and increase your ability, every time you draw.  You will learn:

  • easy to remember portrait proportions,
  • how to take advantage of lighting so that your faces don’t look flat,
  • how to place the face on the paper,
  • how to make your drawing quickly without a lot of fuss,
  • where to begin and how to proceed,
  • how to practice to increase your skill
  • a number of different media to use for the best results and much more.

No matter what your skill or background, this workshop will have you drawing faces and loving it.

Instructor:  Robert Regis Dvorák, has been making drawing and painting fun and easy to learn for 35 years. He presents workshops and lectures on creativity, drawing, and painting.  He has taught right-brain drawing and painting methods for 35 years and is the author of  the  books: Drawing Without Fear, Experiential Drawing, Travel  Drawing and  Painting, The Pocket Drawing Book, and The Practice of Drawing as Meditation.